The truth about fast foods

Fast food has become the way millions of people around the world eat every day. It is convenient and affordable. People are on the go all day and don't have time to stop for a full meal. Within minutes a mom could have 3 children fed and be off to the next event. According to ______, a family of 4 can eat at McDonald’s for under $25, which is really affordable for a meal out of the house. But all of this comes a price.

Fast food is convenient ,but it is definitely not healthy. Among many things it causes high blood pressure, shortness of breath and obesity. High blood pressure is caused by saturated and high trans fat foods which is in all almost all fast food products and this causes obesity. Canola oil also deprives oxygen from your cells ever notice after having a lot of fast food you feel really tired that's the reason why or why it’s 10 times more tiring to do any physical activities. According to Aidan Vosper "after he eats fast food and then has a sport he feels he doesn't have enough energy." Canola oil can also cause blood clots which are extremely dangerous.

People may try to limit how much they eat but companies are working against them. Companies like mcdonald's have scientists who develop ways to make their food craved more. Mcdonald's specifically makes it easy to chew their products according to 13 reasons why fast food is bad for you they make it easier to chew their products because the faster you eat something the more likely you are going to have more. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive a signal that it's full so the faster you eat the more you will eat. Companies have scientists research what types of ingredients taste the best thats why some stuff can seem so good when its really full of sugars, calcium,salt, fats and much more harmful ingredients.

In conclusion fast food is convenient but definitely is unhealthy. Companies don't try to make their food more healthy they try to attract more customers and doing that doesn't mean healthy it means tasty. Are the risks really worth having fast food once in awhile is ok but more than that is bad for you.


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