Town of Chase My local government

8481 County Road S, 54162
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Town of Chase

Issues: 1. Putting up Lights: The Chase Stone barn got new lights all around it.

Issue 2. Permits for Biulding: There are 25 new houses being built that needs permits.

Issue 3. License: The town gave an operator license for the North Chase bar.

Issue 4. Resue Equipment: The town had to pay back $253.27 for equipment they barrowed.

The issue I selected is the buying of a Fire Truck. My local government is handeling good. They did the right thing by asking the people who would pay for it. The people in Chase voted no on buying the fire truck. My opinion is that I think they did a good job having a vote about it, because the tax payers have to pay for it. I think the people of Chase who voted for this event should've voted yes. I think this because paying a little extra for the fire truck could save you/your family or someone else's life which is worth way more.

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