Dim Sum And the effect Confucianism and Taoism has upon it.

The entrance of Jing Fong.

Once you have scaled the elevator and made it past the large crowds there is much to see; large chandeliers that adorned the ceilings. On the back wall a golden phoenix and a golden dragon stood. An image of peace and harmony. The walls are covered in red and gold a sign of good luck and balance.

There was plenty of food to be had. So much that we only finished a few of dishes offered to us. We did even finish the tea, surprisingly. Some of the food possessed very unfamiliar tastes. But I still did enjoy them. After a lot of eating and drinking we did have to leave marking the end of the experience.

Dim Sum presents immense variety, balancing different types of tastes that compliment each other.


Respect and the way you treat others is very important when you eat Dim Sum. You should not serve yourself, you should serve your friends and be served by your friends or those you are eating with. If someone serves you tea, you must thank them to avoid being rude with a duble tap upon the table, so that they can definitely see that you are grateful. Pointing the spout of the kettle at someone is the same as pointing your fingers as them. Which is a violation of li. So in order to respect everyone at the table you aim the kettle away from anyone at the table or between two people so it isn't aiming at anyone in particular.

When it comes to the waiters, you do not point or call them or treat them as lesser than yourself. Instead make a gesture to them so that they know that you need them. Your behavior should be respectful to all. It is rude to offend or treat another person badly. Respect especially when eating with friends, is apart of the relationship of friend to friend. One of the Five Great Relationships.


Dim Sum is influenced by the religions of Taoism and Confucianism. The balance of two elements is a legacy of Taoism.

This is shown by the food choices of Dim Sum, the balance of food not only helps improve the experience itself but the the taste of the entire meal.

The other large sign of legacy is etiquette in Dim Sum, which seem to have been influenced by Li and the Five Great Relationships. Li which means acting properly in front of others. In Dim Sum, rude gestures such as pointing or raising of the voice is seen as very rude and is not appreciated. It is rude and a violation of li to point or call your server over. That is also a violation of Li and seen as rude. These are a few, acting properly is large part of the experience itself.

One of the Five Great Relationships also play a part in the experience of Dim Sum. In our case it is the relationship of friend/friend. The friend/friend relationship is a relationship of respect and honoring your friend and treating them with kindness. It is customary for friends to pour each other tea and to serve each other as a sign of respect. And even if they dont want anymore, you should still serve as a courtesy.

To The Future Eight Grader

The beautiful restaurant that you will eat in.

Dim Sum, especially at Jing Fong is a great experience. Especially from someone who hasn't done something like this before. There is much to get from the time spent there, you can see two religions who ideas seem to be the opposite of each other come together to form a great experience.

One of the perks of choosing this activity is the food. If you haven't done this before then its an experience that is worth trying, and if you've eaten Dim Sum before you already know how great it is. There are so many options or takes it is very unlikely that you won't enjoy anything that is offered. There are 48 possible dishes that can be served, all unique in their own way.

There is plenty to see as well. The place we go to is very beautiful.

It is a wonderful place, that anyone could enjoy. That provides many things to experience with your eyes, nose, hands, and most importantly your mouth.

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