Streptococcus Molly, hAVEN, bRIANNA, AND nADEEN

Hello there! My name it Streptococcus, but you probably know me better as strep or strep throat. I'm a super villain that LOVES to get people sick. I usually grow in warm, moist, wet places; which is usually in a throat or on the skin of a human. I'm a very harmful villain that you probably have heard of and have cowered in fear of my name. I'm Strepy Streptococcus with my trustworthy SIDEKICK Stuttery Strep!

Penicillin is my arch nemesis and they are trying to kill me and banish me from earth. I make people sick and then their throat has to be swabbed, Muah ha ha ha ha! Also they get a high fever, red, swollen tonsils, white spots in the throat, tiny red dots on the roof of the mouth, appetite loss, tummy ache, headache, vomiting and nausea, and rashes. Tee hee hee. I can also be a danger to an infant being carried. My superpowers are giving people a fever and an itchy throat. My allies are warm, moist, dark places; throats; and pregnant women who carry group B.

This is me with my little villain cape!! Muah ha ha ha!!!!
Created By
Molly, Nadeen, Haven, and Brianna khamis

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