ASSASSIN PIGS and the witch's apple

will the story be traditional or not?

will the story be traditional or a comedy or a spoof the story will start in a traditional way but then it will turn into a spoof and a comedy with funny character . I have chosen a mix because it would be unusual for a story to be traditional but then turn into a spoof and a comedy. it will be set in the village and New York.

will it be live action or animated?

my story will be animated. some of the advantages are you can do really complex scenes for example a pig flying without using CGI (computer-generated imagery). Also the movie is made more for a younger to teenage years audience which is from 7-16 so animation would appeal more . Also if your doing live set and do not want use CGI and your story is based in different countries (which mine is) you would have to fly and bring all your equipment and crew which would cost a lot of money.but the disadvantages are it might take up to much time because you have to draw a lot of pictures and animation is sometimes not appealing to people.

when will it be set?

the movie will be set in the present because if it was set in the future and people watch it in 35 years and if we got something wrong like future technology they would laugh at us. also if it was in the past then there would be no machine guns in the medieval century unless the characters time traveled.

the characters

  • the evil witch from snow white
  • the big bad wolf
  • little red riding hood'
  • 3 little pigs

the hair style

only the witch and little red riding hood have hair which would be long hair without any complex things.

the clothing

the 3 little pigs is the first one the second one is little red riding hood and the third one is the evil witches cloth

this would be the first setting when the 3 little pigs get angry at the big bad wolf.

this is the second location.this is new York. here the 3 little pigs go through here on a long journey to find the big bad wolf and the evil witch. all these buildings would be in the same era that they are in.

the rides

the 3 little pigs and little red riding hood will use will use triumph motorcycles. the big bad wolf wont have any except his feet and the evil witch will have a broom.

brief plot of the story

The 3 little pigs it show how the wolf blew there house down but they were still mad even though they gained there revenge by making him fall into the hot pot. on there way then went through a forest and saw little red riding hood and so the pigs to her about the situation and they went together .so they went to new York to fight him and other creatures. red riding hood til the pigs the wolf was innocent he ate an apple and was under a spell like snow white was except he was not sleeping. so they defeated the evil witch and went back home with a few new friends. and so they pigs make him a cave with lots of technology after they find out that the wolf was actually wanting a home to live in but the evil witch made him to blow the houses down.


everybody will eat pizza and burgers

Big bad wolfs room

first his home will be in a small cave

his cave at the end of the story

the witch

Every body will no its the witch coming because of her song. she will sing this because she loves Diego

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