Hello everybody! I am so excited! We are finally down to crunch time. Hopefully we are still looking towards a launch date of February 5th (the first Sunday of February). As you will see in the answered prayers section, we are quite certain that we have landed on a location. There is a godly gentleman here in Burlington that is excited about what we are doing and wants to see us successfully plant and grow here. Continue to pray with us as we seek to find our place here in "greater B-Town!"

Praise God for His Work

  • We believe we have a location! We have met the owner and have been through the property and believe that it will suite us perfectly in the beginning! There are a few things that still need to fall into place, so keep praying.
  • There have been several opportunities lately to share our vision with local business and community leaders and we have found support on multiple occasions.

Prayer Needs

  • Continue to pray for "greater B-Town." We hope that as God puts us in the location that He has for us, He will put people in our path that need us, and that we can be witnesses for the Gospel in every area that our church influences.
  • Continue to pray for Harvest Baptist Church. We want to show our love for them through our prayers. There will inevitably be positions that need to be filled as a few of us leave to embark on this mission and we want God to fill these positions with the perfect replacements.
  • Ed Moschler has been making great progress with his eye. Continue to pray that he make a speedy recovery.
  • Support prayers for our missionaries: Cassidy Hursey (NY), David & Kristi Mize (MI), Jesse Hursey (NC), and Lance Brown (National).

CC.C Pillar: (John 14:7) At CC.C we believe that Christ and the Father are one. Though they are separate in role and individuality, there is an element to them that shares what we refer to as "oneness." Neither one is any less God than the other, while at the same time remaining unique to their individuality. Along with the Spirit, the Triune Godhead shares an intimate and unique relationship amongst the three members.


  • Let us know of any commitments that you may be wanting to make for this upcoming year. We are blessed with an opportunity to begin this year with a refreshed perspective and would love to know what specific ministry and Gospel-oriented commitments you are striving for!
  • Continue to inform us of any locations you might find or already know of (lobby, auditorium, space for children care, easy access/parking, cheap, Interstate access, etc.). We are excited about the location we have found, but we believe that it will only be somewhat temporary for us.
  • Continue to email us with your prayer requests, both private (only seen by leadership) and public (which can be included in future newsletters).
  • Contact us with any people you think would want to join this church, even if they are just interested in getting our newsletter. ALSO, there is now a way to sign up for the newsletter directly from our website www.CrossCurrent.Church. The website is still under construction but there should be a box to sign up to the newsletter. If there is any difficulty you can contact us through email at news@crosscurrent.church.

Contact Info

For any feedback and prayer requests, please respond to news@crosscurrent.church

We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties. -Oswald Chambers


As usual, we have included a devotional in the original email. These serve to further strengthen the body in their knowledge of God, His Word, and His church. We ask that you take the time to prayerfully read and meditate on this short message as we continue to walk together in unity of Spirit.

If you missed a devotional, you can access recent devotionals at the links below.

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