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Eugene Tan is a photographer that was born in Perth Australia. He lived their until he was 21, than moved to Sydney to work as a graphic designer and interactive design. Eugene often does beach photography or wave photography. If he isn't taking photos of beaches he is taking photos of the cities next to the beach.

Lip Ridges

Lip Ridges is a photograph by Eugene Tan of a wave that is coming to the crest of the wave. The photo has a shallow depth of field and its main focus is the top of the wave, close in but not the closest point of the photograph. In the background of the photo you can see the city and the sky. The morning sky has an orange cloud giving detail to the sky. The photo was taken at Bondi Beach, NSW. It was taken on the 25th of March 2013. The photo mainly uses blues, in the photo the blues appear in the sky and the ocean. The photo follows the cultural frame as this photo shows us what the Bondi culture is all about.


Kombi is another photograph by Eugene Tan that is shot on Bondi Beach in NSW Australia. The photo is of a Kombi Van. This photo is breaking the rule of thirds by placing the main focus of the picture in the center of the image. This photo uses many lighter colors making the photo look happy and the brighter colors draw your attention. The photograph uses the Structural frame because he brakes the rule with the rule of thirds as the van is in the middle but keeps the horizon line on the third.

Red Velvet Ceiling

Red Velvet Ceiling has a very red sky and that is where it gets its name from. It is yet another photograph where Eugene Tan took in Bondi, NSW Australia. The photo was taken on the 25th of February 2011. It has a lot of reds. The sky is red and also the water is reflecting the sky. The red is definitely the most prominent colour in the photograph. This photo follows the cultural frame because of the timing of the photo and its location of the photo.

Letterbox Art

Letterbox Art is a photograph of four letterboxes that are all painted differently. The photo is shot in Haleiwa, Oahu a city in Hawaii that is on the east coast. The photo was taken on the 12th of February 2015. The only has one of the letterboxes is in full focus which means he has a shallow depth of field but not the shallowest depth. The photo uses the cultural frame the most because it shows the spirit of the people from Hawaii. It also shows the spirit and the skill of the people who painted the letterboxes.

Purple Haze

Purple haze is one of Eugene Tan's photos that doesn't follow many rules, but the photo brakes the rules in the right way. The photo is taken in Santa Monica California United States of America. It was taken on the 3rd of March 2017. The photo is looking out to the sea. The photo has the classic palm trees that California is famous for having. It also has an American flag that shows us how important that flag is the the people of America and how much Americans love their country. For those reasons the photo follows the Cultural frame. This photo mainly has purple. The purple is in the sky and the water that is reflecting the sky.

Kimberly Colours

Kimberly Colours shows the true colours of Western Australia where the photo is taken. The photo that is taken in Broome Western Australia has two very different colours. The contrast of the blue sky and ocean and the red of the road. The difference between the colours really divides the photo into to parts. The photo really captures the very iconic blueness of both the sky and the red dust of the ground. The photo was taken on the 13th August 2012. The photo has both big aspects of both the structural frame and the cultural frame because the photo structure is the fact that it doesn't follow the rule of thirds but the photo is almost split in half. The cultural side is, what Western Australia looks like.

Winki Gold

Winki Gold is taken in Winkipop, Victoria, Australia. It has a blue ocean with a hint of gold coming from the sunset which makes the sky also gold. The very top of the wave there is a golden light from the sunset. The photo was taken on the 12 January 2012. The photo has a man surfing on the only wave in the photo. This points to the cultural frame as it says that even though the conditions aren't the best people will still get out and on the surf and use the minimal waves to get either practice or surf for the fun of it.

Sunset at Pipe

Sunset at Pipe is a photo of a surfer surfing in a wave with an amazing wave behind him. The photo is taken in Pipeline Hawaii on the 5th of February 2013. The photo shows us what people do in Hawaii passions are. The photo has two main colours. That is white and gold. Almost all of the water appears to be white from the churn. The gold is coming from the brilliant sunset. Although the sunset is partly obstructed by the water being flicked up by the wave. The photo follows the cultural frame because it shows us what the locals enjoy doing and how big surfing is in Hawaii.

Plant Surf

Eugene Tan is an Australian from Perth that travels the world to the best and most popular beaches to taking stunning photos and to get daily photos out to his followers on the Aquabumps website. He is one of the best photographers and does amazing with his beach photography that is just

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