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“Here at the Marietta Student Life Center, we are striving to provide a sense of normalcy in what has quickly become an abnormal circumstance for all of us. Students, families and staff are encouraged to schedule a time with us to process the feelings you are experiencing. use the button below to "Request a virtual appointment".”

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student voice matters

By empowering the voice of students, through targeted interventions which address each and every student need, over twenty local and statewide agencies have partnered with Marietta City Schools to provide in-school services related to housing, job-skill development for students and families, college admission support services, social-emotional wellness, psychological support, targeted tutoring, a food pantry, a clothing closet, and substance abuse prevention counseling.

Meeting Every Need of Every Student

Charter MIssion Statement

The Marietta Student Life Center mobilizes staff members and partners within the community to equip our students to graduate prepared and optimistic for their life journey. By matching the skills and resources of our stakeholders with the needs and desires of each student, we ignite hope and illuminate a positive path for life success.

statement of values

  • We believe in the power and truth of student voice.
  • We believe academic and life success begins by understanding "the why and the who" of the whole child.
  • We believe every student deserves the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential, and we believe our students and families can overcome negative life circumstances to create a better future.
  • We believe in the power of community collaboration to transform lives.

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The rent we pay on earth is our service to others.
"I go to the Center for tutoring, mentoring, support groups. I think all schools should have a Student Life Center." (MHS Student)

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The Marietta Student Life Center is an initiative of Marietta City Schools

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