Fokko Muller workshop Street Photography June 2016 - Utrecht

Education is the movement from darkness to light
Allan Bloom

As I am shooting exclusively street photography these days, due to the 52 week challenge, it was time for me to step up a bit. Time to get involved some more to keep the photographic juices going. For some time now, I try to listen the podcasts from Valerie Jardin on Street Focus. Last year, a Dutch street photographer named Fokko Muller did two shows with her, one about shooting in Amsterdam. Internet to the rescue it was an easy find and booking for half a day of shooting with Fokko and a small group of other enthusiastic photographers. Good fun!

After a thorough introduction of Fokko it is time to hit the streets. First assignment: take a theme and make a serie of that. First thing in my mind: the color green. And this always happens when there is focus: there is green everywhere - so it seems. Making some interesting shots with that theme in mind is far more demanding. Although I have to shoot every week with the 52 week theme in mind, it takes me some time to get in the mood for relied shooting. Maybe because a mentor is looking over my shoulder - I do not know. After a while I get more at ease shooting green and it is becoming fun to do.

Fashionable green - not on my bike though.

Second life for this baby wagon? I hope so.

Second assignment: make use of billboards, advertising signs or other already available scenes. Instead of looking for an interesting moment to shoot - find an interesting scene and just wait to let some interesting enter that scene. I liked this assignment a lot: fun to do and I am really satisfied with the results.

Street signs around the Lange Vliestraat - Utrecht

Next assignment: close by. take photo's as close as you can. This is getting exciting: by using my tilting screen on the back of my camera as Fokko showed me - it is easier to get closer without being noticed.

Shooting from different angles is also an interesting way to improve my shooting. When I discussed my photography some weeks ago with a dear friend of mine, I discovered that the photo's I am most proud of are taken from a low vantage point. Getting to the ground is what I obviously love to do. And that must be a pretty tedious sight with my height of 1.90 mtrs.

I am not into street photography - really not. I am not into that genre of street photography because I just feel more comfortable of shooting candid. But hey: this is an assignment which I paid for so why not take the plunge. I asked this lady which was standing on the Stadhuisbrug for a portrait and asked her why she was dressed so lovely this day. She crusty replies that there was no special occasion needed to do so.

This guy was involved in a game of street golf as part of a bachelorette party. Looking sharp.

I have to thank Fokko and the group for this workshop. Getting together with other photographers wit the same interest is rewarding. Getting even closer to people or doing something I never died before (street portraits) gives satisfaction and energy to go on. So thanks Fokko and the group!

My favorite of the day.

There was some event going on which made the participants jumping from quit some height onto a gigantic air cushion.

Did he ever knew?
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