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Who am I?

Publicly acclaimed award winning professional photographer. Ok, that is not me, but thank you for visiting my page. I'm just a guy that loves to share what gets impregnated to my retinas.

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I'm a Doctor

I'm a Medical doctor, specialized in international health, tropical medicine and travel medicine from the Tropical medicine Institute, Charite, Berlin. I'm a humanitarian worker, and I'm a humanitarian.

Im a Photographer.

I do take it seriously when it comes to take photos, but I never sold a copy of a photo yet, so I'm not a professional photographer in that sense. So if you what to help me, please become my first suporter! Buy a print, or license a electronic copy.

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had an online shop, but after a year without selling a print I couldn't afford to pay the service any more. If I start selling some day I will reopen the online shop, by now just contact me.


I'm an activist on many topics, one of them is trying to do my part conserving the world, it's nature, environment, and wildlife. My love for nature and wildlife is why you will find a lot of photos of animals and landscapes.

My life

I'm a Nomad, traveling when possible. And moving as soon I can. But I always go back to Argentina where I was born. Even there I can't stay put, and travel as soon I can. Check out the Argentina amiga.com


I enjoy nature, and since I was a child I use to look at the birds, no it's called Birdwatching. Highly recommended. Doesn't matter if you take photos of them or not, once you see and observe them free in the wild, your life will change, you will become more patient, and enjoy the little moments of your life.


I enjoy the simple moments of life, and enjoy when I can help others to enjoy. I believe in humanity, and humans as part of the nature that we have to preserve. Even humans are the main responsible of most disaster that occur worldwide. Most are innocent. We need access to health and education.

My Dream

Make the world a better place. The world needs peace and solidarity. We need more humanity, respect for human rights, and of course we need to take care for our planet. I'm working on it.

Are you?

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