The Truth About the Zika Virus By: emmah payne

The Zika virus was first discovered in April of 1947 and was mild at the time. It is a problem because it infects the infant that a mom is carrying and gives them a disease called Microcephaly. The picture above is a baby with Microcephaly compared to a normal, healthy baby.
Microcephaly can cause seizures, developmental delay, Intellectual disability, issues with movement and balance, feeding problems, hearing loss, and problems with vision.
The name of the mosquito above is Aedes Aegypti. It is the main bug that spreads the Zika Virus and also other ones too. They live in tropical and subtropical climates. They are more likely to spread the virus than Aedes albopictus because they only feed on humans and not animals.
What CDC is doing to help: Spraying poison to kill the bugs. Testing samples for Zika and providing laboratories with diagnostic tests. Advising travelers how to protect themselves while traveling in areas with risk of Zika. Studying links between Zika and birth defects.
This is a map of the Zika cases in the U.S.
To cure the people with the virus, I think we should take a sample of the poison and somehow make the opposite of it. With it, insert it in the human infected.


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