Sammy's Number the Stars Book Diary

Literary Analysis


Man vs. Nature

Annemarie is trying to avoid the roots and twigs on the path when she is rushing to get the packet to Henrik.

Annemarie is delayed as a result of this conflict, and she encounters German soldiers in the forest.

I know this conflict is man vs. nature because Annemarie is trying to avoid roots and twigs, which come from nature.

Man vs. Society

The whole book overall was man vs. society. Annemarie was going against what the Germans thought was right. She helped Ellen and her family escape which was definetely not what the Germans thought was right.

Annemarie learned what it was like to be considered a minority and how to get through hard times.

I knew this was man vs. society because Annemarie was going against the Germans, who ruled their country. So basically she was going against the government.

Man vs. Man

A man vs man conflict in this book was when Lise was trying to escape from the Nazis', and she was run over by a car.

This conflict affected many characters in the book. As a result of this conflict, it affected Annemarie because she lost her sister. It also affected Peter because he lost his best friend.

I know this conflict is man vs. man because Lise was running away from the Nazis', and the Germans were trying to kill her.

Man vs. Self

A time in Number The Stars there was a man vs. self conflict was when Mama was deciding whether or not to open the casket.

Mama learned to not do what the German officers said and to be careful about things.

I knew this conflict was man vs. self because Mama was deciding between 2 things to do.


Helping is pitching in to aid someone. Whether it is rescuing someone, helping someone recover from something or something else.

Number The Stars shows the theme helping by Annemarie, Mama, Henrik, and Peter trying to smuggle the Rosens' out of Denmark into Sweden.

At the beginning, Annemarie was helping Ellen escape to Sweden. At the end though putting her life on the line, she ran the packet to Henrik to make sure the Rosens escaped.

Vocabulary Words


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