Igbo Tribe By alexis mccarty

The Igbo Tribe is the known as "The Lost Tribe of Israel". They speak Igbo, which includes various Igbo languages. They are located in Nigeria and they study Judaism and identify as Jewish. They're one of the largest groups in Nigeria, as well.

The Igbo homeland is almost surrounded by other ethnic people of southern and central Nigeria. This area is divided by the Niger River into two sections the eastern region and the midwestern.

Migration from this area in the past was in all directions, and in this way the Igbo culture gradually became known. This pattern of migration from this area, other people entered the Igbo territory in the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries.

The first contact between Igbo and Europe came in the mid-fifteenth century with arrival of Portuguese. From 1434-1807 the Niger coast was a contact point between African and European traders. Starting with the Portuguese, then the Dutch and the English.

The attempt to take over control of the Igbo met with cultural protest in the twentieth century. A religious movement sprang up which inspired short-lived enthusiasm. The rumours that the Igbo women were being assessed for taxation, sparked off the 1929 Aba Riots, a massive revolt of women never encountered before. However, the engine of imperialism could not be stopped, and once it had begun, Igbo culture would never be the same again.

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