Baseball Little big history project by cade smith

Baseball is helping us in how we are living today. They have helped us with how we have gotten in this world. Baseball is a very key sport in life. It is our National pastime and who could ever forget that. The people that have made baseball the greatest sport that has ever been played are some of the G.O.A.T.s and they have done some really good things that have helped us all over the world. Without baseball we wouldn't have other sports and they wouldn't be good either. All of the people that have affected it are Abner Doubleday and he made it. This helped our Global society because it is now our National Pastime. That helps with everything that we have done.

Collective Learning has helped make baseball what it is today by making the game that we are playing and watching today. Collective learning has given us different ideas on how to make the game better and do better things. We have also used the things like Goldilocks condition's to help support those ideas and make baseball how it is and how it is played today.

Baseball has been changing over the span of 1839 to today and is still changing as we know. Baseball hasn't been played before threshold 5, but maybe the earth and solar system knew we were gonna play baseball in Threshold 4. It originally started when there was life on earth in Threshold 5. Then it progressively will go to Threshold 5, 6, 7, and 8 because that is where we end, but we are still building baseball like we do everyday.

Baseball has our societies a lot just by how we have played. Baseball has done a lot to the world and for the world. Baseball has helped us come a long way. We are good people on this earth because what kind of sports we play and baseball is what helps us.

Archaeology has helped us with how people have found ancient artifacts on baseball telling how old the sport is and how it was played back then. This plays a big role on our earth because this sport could've been changed without knowing what kind of baseball we had on earth already today.

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