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Avakin Life News

What’s Going on in Avakin This Week!

Halloween Update

The Halloween update is here! grab your friends and dress up for some spooky fun! with so much in store for this update there is so much to look forward too! from events, parties and spooky Avakin content. you’re in for a treat or is it all a trick? find out for yourself.

Halloween Themed Arcade Items

It’s all fun and games with these halloween themed arcade interactive furniture pieces, challenge your friends to paired activities from ice hockey, dance off and more or go solo with the karaoke machine or a driving simulation machine.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Until the 15th of October, for your chance not to only have your Avakin carved into the face of a pumpkin by a master carver but also have a signed picture and have your pumpkin recreated in-game for other Avakins to use.

All you will have to do is create a video of you and your friends, having fun at a halloween party.

For more details on how to enter, tap the button below below to find out more on how to enter

Hayley Kiyoko

Popular, International Singer, Hayley Kiyokomakes her debut on Avakin life from the 11th October on the brand new Main Stage in Avakin Life.

Take time out of your daily Avakin life, to drop by and listen to her as she performs live.

Community Livestream

Missed out on last week’s livestream? don’t worry. if you keep reading you’ll find the section where you can catch up

Special Effects - One Special Day

Avakin Life is raising money for chairty, Special Effects help gamers with disabilities to play games and help transform their lives for the better. Tap below to find out how you can help make a difference to other people’s lives.

Throwback Thursday with Drop Science

Streetwear with an attitude is the statement for this seasons fashion. with toned-down colours, Jumpers, Jackers, Demin and more, this collection speaks volumes with it’s toned-down aesthetic.

Every week, our very own Lilcutie30xTRDx shows a style made up from outfits that comes with this bundle

Coming Soon...

Top Pics This Week!!

The Pic of The Pics From Across The Community!

A Selection of the community pictures and edits for you, on all social media platforms this week!

Don’t see your pics below???

If you would like a chance to be featured in the pic of the week please post your work on Facebook at Avakin Life Addicted and on Official Avakin Addiction Magazine. You Can tag us on instagram @avakin_addiction_magazine, Tweet us @AvaAddictMag or you can even email us to retain the quality of your work at; AvakinAddictionMagazine@Gmail.com


Avakin Life Community Amino

This Weeks Contest and competitions across the community.

Amino News

*Nothing New This Week*

*Nothing New This Week*

Weekly Avakin is an Amino based weekly news letter for all things Avakin related like Avakin Addiction Magazine. Weekly Avakin covers topics such as Leaderboard scores, Horoscopes, Food, Fashion and more. to check out their latest issue, Tap the link below.

Death Family Modeling Magazine

No New Magazine This Week

faded soul

Your Youtube

All of the Week’s Avakin Related Videos from some of communities best Youtubers

Avakin Official


These Looks Are Flawless

Community Check

Ava Aurora

Victoria Secrets Next Top Model

Avakin FiercySisters

Avakin Jocelyn

New Werewolf Animation Set

Avakin Life Daily

Thrifty Pixels - Episode 1

Hope Films

Fall Clothing Ideas!

Product Avakin

Digital Art

Hide and Seek In The Haunted Maze

Sequoyah Rose

Avacribs with Perfection Dolls


Huge Giveaway

Wolf Lee

New Werewolf Animation Set

Release Reviews

*New Picture Coming Soon*

About Release Reviews

*On Hold*

Avakin Fashion Weekly

All The Weeks New Releases

Palermo Noir Soie Collection

Embrace the silky darkness with Palermo’s new Noir Soie Collection. feel weightless draped in silk, lace and velvet and get lost in the soft details that hug every part of you.

AAM Models
AliceñChain WF
Purp Photo Studio Photography

Special Effects - One Special Day

This year, Avakin Life is rasing money for a charity called Special Effects this chairty aims to help transform the lives of gamers with disabilities and/or special needs. For a limited time only, Avakin Life offers these outfits in special coin pack bundles. all profits will go to Special Effects. So help make a difference to someones life and buy a coin pack bundle today.

Diamond Star Elite Modeling Agency

Bijouterie Opal Collection

Immerse in your own universe with the beautiful Opal Collection by Bijouterie. This heavenly piece will have your attention compelled to it, with a rainbow shine complete with gold metal, you’ll be left with wanting more.

Ikon Reverence Dress & Revenant Outfit

Make headlines in these striking red celebrity inspired outfits by Ikon. Perfect for the halloween season, these red outfits are just perfect.

Dramatic, daring and tempting, The Reverence Dress has all you want and more. with a witchy bell sleeve and matching footwear to complete, you’ll be looking the most rebellious in this oufit.

Go all out in red demin and leather, in the Revenant Outfit be the hottest topic for weeks to come as you turn up the heat, rocking out wherever you go.

Queen B Santorini
Vexy Venom
Trillian Astra Ava
Erica K
Lady Bella
Ariannalynn xTRDx

Avakin Models

This section will cover a variety of Avakin Modelling Agencies from well known ones to small ones just starting out.

if you are apart of a modelling group or run one and would like to be featured, Please contact us;

On Facebook: Official Avakin Addiction Magazine

Instagram: @Avakin_Addiction_Magazine

Twitter: @AvaAddictMag

Email: AvakinAddictionMagazine@gmail.com

(AAM) Avakin Addiction Magazine Models

If you would like to be apart of AAM Models please read the rules and requirements, once you have finished reading, take a screenshoot of the application form below and send it to Avakin Addiction Magazine for review.

About The Agency:

The way this agency works is a bit different from how other agencies work. Our aim is to try make this agency different. What’s the point if we do the same as other agenices?

Each week, a different model sets assignments for everyone that week. For that, they get a week off. Until the following week when another model sets the tasks for that week. So on.

Every Assignment each week must include a chairty awareness task

As a model not only will you represent the magazine but you may be needed for other things such as release shoots, for competition banners and anything else we may need you for etc.

You are allowed to represent another agency, just don't overload yourself with work. If you go to school, let us know. we will let you do only one assignment a week, the mandatory ones,

Starting Soon, Assignments and all Model related things will be in this Magazine. If you are unable to edit, We will train you, help you get your editing skills up to standard if they aren't. We will give improvements and advice to you to help you learn. So don’t worry.

Avakin Addiction Magazine is the number 1, 5 Star magazine that even LKWD read themselves sometimes. So standards are high. This agency aims to be stress and drama free. If you have any issues or concerns, please speak to one of the leaders to have any conflict resolved.

Avakin Addiction Magazine Models Hiring Requirements

Please submit all applications to one of the Leaders or Through our Social Media! Thank you.


- Must be 16+ years

- Must be active

- Available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Group shoots

- Skilled editior (or have basic skills in photoshop)

- Complete at least one weekly task a week.

Acknowledgements (Terms & Conditions) :

- You are allowed to be in another modelling group already

- You will NOT be "paid" to be apart of the agency. This is something voluntary, something YOU want to do.

- You don't have to have experience. We will train you

- you mustn't discriminate

- No Racisim allowed.

- Equailty is important

- Diversty is a must

- No causing flamewars

- Follow Avakin Life T&C's

- No Bullying is allowed. - if there is bullying you must speak with the leaders. We will work with you to help put an end to it maturely.

- You can speak to leaders with confidence if there are any issues. We keep information confidential.

- Never discuss selling Avakin Accounts

- No Impersonating Official LKWD

- No discussion on hacking or modifying Avakin Life. This results in actions taken.

Here is a link to our models page.

Please note that disciplinary action will take place if the T&C's are broken.

If you have any questions, Please ask.

Please Screenshot the application and fill it out if you are interested in joining then send it to Avakin Addiction Magazine.





Rosal Kelly

Trillian Astra

Lucid Dreamer


Lady Bella


Queen Purp



Purp Photo Studio Photography

Take a Screenshot of the Appliction Form and Send it to one of the social media platforms they are on. Links are provided below.

Ben Lovejoy


Vexy Venom

Kristin Faith

Diamond Star Elite Modeling

About Us;

Diamond Star Elite Modeling

Diamond Star Elite was started August 26, 2017

We are a family of models who work together as a team.

We expect our team to be kind and courteous. We don't allow any

bullying or disrespect of anyone in our group or other agencies.

We are here to help you learn and grow in modeling, runway modeling, edits, photoshoots, and creativity. We want Avakin Life to be fun. We do not mind if you model for other agencies. We encourage you to branch out and start your own activities. The more we do in Avakin Life the more people will enjoy playing the game.

We welcome you all to join us.

Hiring Requirements

To be a diamond, you must meet the following criteria for your application to be considered. These are as follows;

Must be Level 15 +

Must be Age 17 +

Must be Mature, no drama

Must be a Team Player

Must complete Task and attend Photoshoots

Please take a screenshot of the application form and fill it in before sending it to the following for your application to be considered.

Aarnik Woman

I Mett Teodora






Avakin Model Management (AMM)

About Avakin Model Management

* Description Coming Soon*

Why not check AMM’s Instagram while you wait for more content?

Avastyle Weekly ‘Look of The Day’ & ‘Low Budget Avakin’

This week we have our fashion guru and Makeup Artist, Ariannalynn xTRDx, showing us some easy-to-put looks based on new and old releases for both genders try ourselves. she also provides us with more Avakin styles on a budget for those with limited funds and if that’s not enough, she even puts together some creative looks for tips and Ideas.

Look Of The Day

Low Budget Avakin

Luxury Looks *Coming Soon*

Makeup Looks

A Big Part of Avakin Life is owning your apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for a special occasion or event. With so many apartments now available to win or buy it is sometimes difficult to keep up with what’s new and what items are inclusive to collect. even when you start to decorate an apartment, you can also find it to be challenging.

This week,in celebration of Halloween, Interior Designer, Lady Amalthea shows us how she decorated Shadowfall Manor Graveyard.

A Spooky Sit Down With Sapphy.

Sapphire-Kelly Knows Everybody knows Sapphy, So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This Week, Sapphy Caught up with Product and KFaith

1) What is your name?


2) How are you feeling on this fine october day?

I’m Wonderful

3) You are gathered around a fireplace with friends. What do you find yourself doing?

Telling scary stories, making them afraid, Eating something, eating nachos, hogging the nachos.

4) Imagine you just died. What would the first thing you do be?

I'm not sure what would happen when I die but I think I'd be wanting a cup of afterlife coffee.

5) What is your favourite thing in the dark?

In the dark, I like to paint and carve many, many pumpkins. I also like to play the piano and waving a string around my cat.

6) What do you enjoy the most about Halloween?

I can go all out creepy, Everyone's mood changes. It feels festive. I feel exicted.

7) What is your favourite Halloween Treat?

Witches fingers, basically it's a cookie shaped finger and an almond as a fingernail

8) What is your favourite horror flim?

The Babadook, The Shining and The Silence of the Lambs are my top 3.

9) What supernatural creature would you be and why?

A Witch. It fascinates me to be a witch I wouldn't want a hairy werewolf body, protruding fangs or rotten flesh. As a witch I could stay in secret.

10) What is your ulitmate idea of the perfect halloween prank?

Jump scaring people all day in unique ways

11) What's that one thing you look most forward to for halloween?

Easy. The decorating, making art, horror videos and painting.

12) Tell us a scary story using only 5 words.

Baby Shoes Sale. Never worn.

13) What is your secret pleasure?

Coffee with Ice, Coffee with cream, Coffee with sugar.

1) What is your name?

Kris aka KFaith

2) How are you feeling on this fine october day?

Could not be more blessed!

3) You are gathered around a fireplace with friends. What do you find yourself doing?

Making jokes while roasting the marshmallows. Got to keep people smiling!

4) Imagine you just died. What would the first thing you do be?

Come back in spirit form and make sure all the ones I love that are living are safe.

5) What is your favourite thing in the dark?

Sitting in the dark watching scary movies with some good buttered popcorn!

6) What do you enjoy the most about Halloween?

Dressing up and expressing my creativity.

7) What is your favourite Halloween Treat?

Everyone else seems to hate it, but I LOVE candy corn!

8) What is your favourite horror flim?

Candyman or Children of the Corn.

9) What supernatural creature would you be and why?

A werewolf. They are strong creatures of the night.

10) What is your ulitmate idea of the perfect halloween prank?

I am one of those who will sneak up in the bathroom and write scary fogged up messages on your mirror.

11) What's that one thing you look most forward to for halloween?

Taking my little one trick or treating. Everything about that day is my favorite. The costumes, the haunted houses, the creepy music!

12) Tell us a scary story using only 5 words.

Alone in bed. Blanket moves...

13) What is your secret pleasure?

I am old at heart. I love crafting and when I am online I love to edit!

We Need You!!!

We constantly want this magazine to be for everybody to enjoy and take part in. it simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as We Do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything is Avakin Related is included and shared with the rest of the community and to do this we need you!!!

So... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included in the magazine or you have an event or a group of family to promote we would love to include it. if you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos or posters. we would love to help.

to contact us all of the above and anything kettle send us a message at Official Avakin Addiction Magazine on Facebook we respond to everybody and will respond when we can.


Thanks To...

Thanks, Of course to -

Lockwood. for constantly working to bring out the best game in the world and making it experience so amazing keep up the great work!!

Main Contributors -

Sapphire-Kelly Reece, Prya Ava Pavkova, Ariannalynn Sovo, TK99, Lilcutie30xTRDx, Darkbtydoll, Lady Amalthea, Queen B Santorini, Queen Purp.

All Artists/Editors are credited underneath their work.

Avakin Life Community Amino Team

Scar Brwn, Kitty Dee DF, Thalia, Arpie Rosian, Mrsmaxchillin, Silver Starlight, Sapphy

Avakin Models

AAM Models (Avakin Addiction Magazine Models)

II Sapphy II, Prya xTRDx, AliceñChain, Angel Ranger, DeathWishsQueen, Debra Kizoku, Trillian Astra, Fayyoutu, Jamie, Jessy B, Lady Amathea, Mariahlynn, Nikollas, Princess Moon, QueenBrella, Queen Purp, Ratu Legends, Vexy, Tina Moon, The Mermaid, Venus Blaze, Yong Yong, Lady Bella. Lucid Dreamer

Purp Photo Studio Photography.

ᏄᏌᏋᏋᏁ ᎵᏌᖇᎵ x̸, mᎯᖇᏦ ᏠᎯmᎯᎲᏣᎯᏁ, αɱαƶเɳℓเƶƶเε༺ฬF҉༻, AriannaLynnxTRDx, Ben Lovejoy, ßĿØØÐУЙłĠĦ†MДЯξx̸, It's Monu, Jaded Death ψDF, XxKittyDeexX ψDF, ༈K҉ᴏғʏᴋฬᴇᴇɴ༒ฬF҉༒, Raining DeathψDF, ༈S҉ʟᴜsʜɪɪ༒ฬF҉༒, SophiaVeil 『ฬF҉』, Wolfenstien ψDF

Diamond Star Elite Modeling

Licia T Moon, Richard Deal, Alisdaann24, Ava_kfaith, Ava.trillian.astra, Babiiedolljordan, Beauty avakin, Brookie, Darkbtydoll, Joy, Kalenakekeyo, Lady Bella,

Avakin Model Management (AMM)

Celestia, Dale, Douxcrow, Frankydoyle, Janexiety, Jessy B, Kittyhellcatneko, Konna, Max Rains, Miakeyla Sanders, Nami Sykes, Nico, Remedy, Sparklezwink, Zodiac Blac

Luxury Modeling Production

*Coming Soon*


Avakin Life Daily, Ava Aurora, Avakin FiercySisters, Avakin Jocelyn, Hope Films, Product Avakin, Sequoyah Rose, Trinity, Wolf Lee.

...And Everyone who’s amazing content was featured this week find them on Facebook, Amino, Instagram and Twitter!

...And Finally...

thank you all for reading and leaving your feedback.