Summer Baseball By Michael Petit

The one thing that take up most of my time in the summer is baseball. I play for a team called Team Mizuno. We travel a lot over the summer to tournaments out of state. Some of these states that we travel to are Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. In these tournaments scouts go to these tournaments and this is how we get some exposure to maybe go to a college on a scholarship.

We also practice all winter in our indoor facility. We can do most thing to get ready for the season in there. This year though we are changing our name to the Rawlings Prospects. With this we get new gear. The people that play on this team all expect to play in college and that's what we are trying to accomplish.

One of the tournaments that we go to is called Baseball Heaven. It is located in Long Island New York. In this tournament we usually just go there for a few days over a weekend. Also when we go there sometimes are college and prep school scouts looking to recruit players from some of the teams that go there. This tournament is a great way to get exposure to help make it into the college level of baseball.

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