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Gloving is an art for in which a person puts on gloves. these gloves are modified, and have l.e.d lights in the finger tips, and the glover matches the speed of the pulsating l.e.d's to make a flowing light s

Gloving requires a set of skills that seem incredibly simple to the mind, but in reality is incredibly difficult to procure, these skills include rhythm, timing, finger independence, and hand flow.


Poi is another art style in which the individual has balls, or poi at the end of two strings and they then swing them around in patterns and flows to create flow art.

Poi takes patience, time, rhythm, technique, and accuracy to perfect


Orbit is yet another part of the flow arts family in which the orbiteer has a saucer, or orbit in between two strings, and they create flows with that

Orbit is extremely hard, and takes a whole lot of talent


Gloving is by far the most popular flow art form

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