Start something today your future self will thank you for

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." I'm sure most have read this famous Chinese proverb and I absolutely love it. We have all set lofty goals and promised ourselves that we will achieve them. Only to find that in many cases our initial enthusiasm and energy quickly dissipates and our motivation to actually get started let alone stay the course simply subsides. We continue with our daily routines and habits and the days roll into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Before we know it, each year passes and is simply a duplicate copy of past years. Nothing has changed. Few goals have been reached.

So what does it take to stay the course?

Imagine if you were to make a movie of your life's adventures and achievements to the present day. Would it be a movie worth watching let alone worth an entry fee? If you were asked to be the Producer of the movie; would you back YOU? If you were commissioned to be the Director, what scenes would you keep and which would you add 'special effects' too, just to be able to keep everyone on the edge of their seats! It would make for an interesting project. Even if only you get to write the script; what would that exercise reveal?

There simply isn't enough time. A favourite excuse.

We all have one common non-renewable resource. It's called TIME. It is apportioned to everyone in the exact same measure and everyone has the choice to either embrace it as their friend or foe. In many personal development books, seminars & workshops, 'time management' is often paraded as the villain in many failings of personal and professional achievement. Our ability, or should I say 'lack of ability' to effectively manage our day to day activities; whether it is using a 'to do list' (which I highly advocate) or reviewing our weekly diaries and ensuring we plan our activities in highest to lowest priorities is simply a challenge in itself. Who has time for that? I, for one, confess to following a non structured regime. In fact, I operate in what I call 'organised chaos.'

Operating 9 to 5 is no longer the norm.

In a world of massive distractions, operating 9 to 5 is no longer an option. Connectivity in every aspect of our lives has blurred the lines between work, rest and play. Home life, our occupations and our recreational activities are now all cross pollinated. As Richard Branson was famously quoted as saying, 'I don't see work as work and play as play - its all life.' As CEO of the Eview Real Estate Group, I tell any budding new real estate agent, 'real estate is not a career; it's a lifestyle choice; choose wisely'

Staying within the tracks as apposed to staying on track

As mentioned, I use what I call 'organised chaos' as my technique of choice. And how does that work? I stay within the train tracks as apposed to staying on track. That is, I know I have to take certain steps to achieve my weekly tasks; fulfilling my obligations and things that simply need to get done. But I give myself total flexibility. I call that 'organised chaos.' The world is simply moving too fast. You either have to adapt to the change, or get left behind. We no longer, in my opinion, have the option to be super structured (nor do many people want to be!). Give yourself breathing space - the space between the tracks to maneuver yourself from side to side. So long as you are moving in the right direction; its OK. In simple terms, move things around in your day. Fit in things that were not in your agenda ( review emails at a 'non' scheduled time slot - it's OK!). Yes, it's much more efficient to schedule daily exercise in the morning; but hey, if you had a late night the night before and you need a sleep-in, reschedule for later in the day. So long as the task or activity gets done, you are 'staying within the tracks' and will get to your destination and achieve your goals. I don't get hung up on time management; I just make sure things get done.

In my end of year 2016 Eview Group business planning session I finished my presentation with the following quote:

“My goal in 2017 is to complete my goals for 2016, which I should have completed in 2015 because I promised myself I would achieve them in 2014 which I had written down to do in 2013!”

Sound familiar?

It doesn't need to be. Review all your current and past goals. Find the ones that are most important to you. Select the top 3 and temporarily discard the rest. Write a plan of action for each goal and set a date to start the activity.

The Magic Bullet does exist - it's called START! Start something today, your future self can thank you for. It's the 'starting' and 'doing' that separates those that achieve their goals and those that don't. Wishing everyone an amazing 2017 and hope this year is the year that changes everything for you. M&M

With three decades of business experience owning and operating a number of businesses across multiple industries since the age of 21 and employing hundreds of staff, Manos understands that innovation and creativity must be inherit to separate you from the pack. With business partner and wife Maria, they are regularly asked to participate in the Real Estate speaking circuit to share ideas on how they have created one of Australia's most exciting real estate groups. Their life mission is 'To inspire and help others create fun and profitable businesses so that they can live extraordinary lives.'

If you would like to know more about Manos & Maria and the Eview Group, please visit us at or

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