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Natural Family Photography in the South West

Oh, those Covid-19 days. It's been a crazy time for sure, and we'll all come out of it with our different stories and experiences, but we will unite in our knowledge that we're all coming out of it knowing what's important. The photographer in me was desperate to visit family homes across the country to document the lockdown days, but we all know that wasn't possible, and it still isn't - quite yet! We can, however, meet up and document some special memories as we all come out of lockdown. Possibly a little worse for wear - with our lockdown haircuts and maybe for the parents, a few extra lines and greys - but from now on we will hug a little tighter, party a little harder, and love a whole lot more. This whole experience has made me even more passionate about documenting real life, real emotion, and providing good humans with awesome memories, so, let's make some plans!

Natural Family Photography in Devon

Like what you've seen? Let's set a date and make some memories together. Socially distanced family shoots are available at a location of your choice. Entirely natural and perfectly you, each shoot is bespoke. I can't wait to hear all about your lockdown experience and how I can create a set of photos to celebrate what and who is important in your life.

Images packed with emotion, action and personality, from a multi-award winning South-West photographer.

Whether it's a walk in the woods, playing in the garden, or a day at the beach. I can't wait to see you.

Oh, and well done for making it through, (unlike your gin supply!!)

Luna - photographing sandy toes, muddy wellies, sticky fingers, wet dogs, tantrums, smiles, hugs and kisses, since 2010.

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Anna Rowland