Clown fish Queena


Do you know what has white and orange color? It's a clown fish! Clown fish is a fish. A fish have scales. A fish have fins. Every fish use their mouth and bubble come out to breathe. Fish have gills they do not have lugscolors on their bodies


Clown fish have orange and white colors on their bodies. They have black colors on their fins. Clown fish body is about one meter.


Clown fish live in the ocean. Clown fish could only live in those places. Clown fish could not live in cold places. They can only live in hot places.


Clown fish eat thing like algee,plankton,and molluscs. They can't eat food like shark or something big.

Interesting facts

Do you know that clown fish only have 3 fins? Clown fish is a little bit different than other fish this is because their fins look like webs.


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