Visual Essay By Jordyn Gacria

Guilt is a very important feeling and is impacted by you and many others, but have you ever thought why we feel that way? The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini is a vey good example for guilt. As guilt and betrayal takes affect in Amir through the years by Baba and his own actions for Hassan. Leaving Baba believe Amir can't do anything to change a situation. "A boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up for anything ." Says Baba to Rahim about Amir's characteristics and confidence as becoming a man. Leaving Amir wonder if he'll ever stand up for what's right.

As Amir builds up his guilt, he believes he deserves to be punished for his actions towards Hassan. "My body was broken - just how badly I wouldn't know until later - but I felt healed. Heals at last. I laughed." Hassan thought to himself after getting a beaten from Assef. He felt overwhelmed knowing he was punished for not speaking up for Hassan as he watched him get mentally hurt.

When Amir try's to get over the guilt and try's to burry the past behind him he constantly finds himself in the memory of Hassan in the alley getting rapped by Assef. Amir mentions in chapter one "That was a long time ago, but it’s wrong what they say about the past, I’ve learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out. Looking back now, I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty-six years.” Hinting no matter how hard Amir try's to forget what happened that night the past haunts him for not being a loyal friend. “I actually aspired to cowardice, because the alternative, the real reason I was running, was that Assef was right: Nothing was free in this world. Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba.” In other words building up the guilt was a way of getting the attention Amir wanted from Baba.

All the guilt that Amir has experienced maybe was supposed to happened to learn from his mistakes, to become the man his Baba wanted. “Huddled together in the dining room and waiting for the sun to rise, none of us had any notion that a way of life had ended.” When the bombings were blowing up Kabul Amir knew things would change forever and he also knew he would take all the guilt and pain with him on the journey to the United States to change. 

All though having guilt caused by his actions made him realize what he can do to prevent the guilt, was to actually stand up for what was right.


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