Butterfly Museum My journey with the butterflies


This Spark Story will feature several components describing my experiences at the Butterfly Museum in Gainesville, FL. Throughout my journey, I was able to experience all the different types of butterflies and the different descriptions of each type. I was able to see real butterflies at the touch of my hands, look into the research labs provided by the museum, and see the evolution of the life of butterflies from egg to full-grown insect. This experience was not only educational, but also very impacting to my interest in nature. Prior to this project, I had little interest and excitement towards nature and insects, but upon leaving this museum I felt more in touch with my environment and the creatures around me.

Nature on Display

These photos were taken at the Wall of Wings exhibit at the Butterfly Muesum

The Wall of Wings exhibit was specifically interesting to me because it showed the several different alterations of the butterfly wings and patterns. It showed the diversity that exists in the Butterfly World, and how science has had an impact on the research of these insects. It also shows how broad the Butterfly World is and how there are endless different types of beauty associated with the butterflies.

The major things I took away from this exhibit was the diversity among the insects. Each butterfly had different patterns and a different way to express their beauty through their appearance. It was a breath-taking experience that will be grained into my memory for a while as I learned so much about the Butterfly World after attending this museum.

Nature and Ethics

This photo was the first photo taken at the Butterfly Museum and I admire it for its beauty and detail.

Did the Natural History Museum provide you the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends? How did you feel, what did you sense, and what did you think as you went through the museum? How did other people react to its exhibits? How did the Natural History Museum allow visitors of the museum to connect with nature? Did your experience in the museum instill in you an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines?

The Natural History Museum did in fact provide the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends.

How I felt: I felt connected with nature during this exhibit and felt more appreciative of my environment. I felt as though I was being connected to a different world that I had never had any regards towards prior to my visit. My feelings were nothing but excitement and joy to be a part of such a beautiful world.

What I sensed: My strongest senses during this journey was my sense of sight and sense of touch. I was able to see the beauty of the butterflies with my eyes, as well as feel the flickering of their delicate wings on my hands. It was so refreshing and beautiful to see life in its most basic and smallest form. Something truly incredible.

Other People's Reactions: Many people felt the same way as I did during the exhibit. They felt very empowered and intrigued by the Butterfly Museum and felt very passionate about the insect. I felt connected to the people around me as well during the exhibit and enjoyed spending time with people who had similar interests as well.

Ethics of the Experience: My experience in the museum did instill an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines because I felt ethically responsible for my environment and the small lives around me. This definitely was an ethic shock and something that I will remember for a long time as well.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This photo was taken at the Butterfly Museum towards the end of my journey.

The Natural History museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives by understanding a level of life that sinks beneath our common core of understanding. This level of life is regarded as our outer environment in regards to the Butterfly World. It allows us to understand a different form of life that may seem smaller than our own, yet has much larger impacts. It helps us to understand who we are because it keeps us grounded in understanding that humans are not the only form of life in our society. It helps us to appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world because it shows us the inner beauty of the insect world.

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