How America Started 5 events that Started the land of the free.

In 1492 Columbus sailed away from England to find the Indies, but he sailed to what is now America, which helped us find the new land. This resulted in war because England, France, and Spain all wanted this land. This lead to the French, and Indian war.

In 1607 the English went to the new land for the second time, and this time the settlement was successful. In this settlement England learned to grow tabaco crops. The people here followed A man named John Smith. he kept everyone together.

In 1630 the Puritans landed at Massachusetts bay. This gave us more land than we already had. They wanted to be free just like the Americans.

In 1754 England was mad because France had a fort on their land. So when France wouldn't move their fort England got furious, and sent George Washington with some men to attack them. England lost because they had low ground. So they declared war against each other. The war went on for year, The French lost this war, and they made a treaty that gave England more land than they already had.

In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase was owned by France, and we wanted to buy New Orleans for 10 million dollars. They said no, but you can have Louisiana with New Orleans for 15 million. That was just 5 million more, but little did we know that we just ripped them off hard. If you look at this picture you'll see what I mean.

5 million for that much land wow what a rip off.

Lets review what we learned.

That was 5 events that helped start America.

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