ADVANCED MATH/SCIENCE RESEARCH at Berkshire Winter Newsletter

Advanced Math/Science Research (AMSR) is a year long course that offers students an authentic independent laboratory experience. Most students join after their sophomore year for a two-year experience. Students design and execute an original research project in the natural sciences with the guidance of professional scientists. The course culminates with a research paper, presentation of their work in a public poster session and submission of that work to a national science competition. Berkshire's world-class facility is like no other high school laboratory and it gets better every year!

The new electron Microscope...

Michael O'Loughlin '18 uses the JEOL Transmission Electron Microscope to analyze bacterial spores for his project
Michael uses the electron microscope on "Kilt Friday"
TEM image of Paenabacillus bacterium and spores collected by Michael O'Loughlin. Scale bar equals 500 nanometers.

New Projects: pyrolysis

Karan Dhiman '19 shows off the new micro-distillation apparatus he will use to study pyrolysis, a process that uses heat to recover oil from plastic
Karan is so proud of the new B/R Instrument distillation chamber.
Karan works out the chemistry of pyrolysis at the whiteboard.

Projects Completed!

Amaal Mahamed '18 worked with Dr. Annalisa Scimemi (University at Albany) to complete a two-year study on computer-based imaging of neurons in animal brains.
All smiles: Dr. Scimemi and Amaal
On November 15th, seven AMSR students entered the Regeneron STS competition. From Left to Right: Chi Nguyen, Katie Hargrave, E. Cooper Tuckerman, One Hee Lee, Amaal Mahamed, Charlie Millard and Michael O'Loughlin.

Winter AMSR afternoon program

On Halloween Day, Dr. Marie Curie (aka Dr. Burch in costume) made a special call for students to join the winter afternoon program.

Winter Project: Virus-Host Range

Students will use a genetic study to investigate why some viruses infect some cells and not others.

Dr. Bentley Fane (BioV Institute, University of Arizona) visited campus to train the Winter AMSR team to conduct the virus host range study. Students in the winter AMSR program include Annie McGill, Ava Block, Nastya Romanova, Aimi Sekiguchi, (pictured in the middle image), and Michelle Wang (right image).
For more information on the AMSR program, please email Dr. Burch at aburch@berkshireschool.oRG

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