Charles Goodyear Invented the soccer ball

5 facts about Charles Goodyear:

1- He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, on December 29, 1800.

2- In 1898 he started experimenting with rubber.

3- He discovered the process of vulcanization.

4- In July 19, 1860 he died in New York City.

5- The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898 in his name.

oldest soccer ball

The soccer ball was patented in 1836 by Charles Goodyear. In the 20th century most balls were made of rubber bladder. In 1855 he build the first vulcanized rubber soccer balls (footballs). His first soccer ball was display at the National Soccer Hall of Fame which was located in Oneonta, NY, USA. The panels of the soccer balls were seamed together like today's basketballs.

The first soccer game was held in November 7, 1863.

The earliest version of soccer was traced to about 3000 years ago.

In most countries soccer is known as football.

Women soccer was extremely popular in the 90's.

During the middle ages soccer balls were made of inflated pig bladders.


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