Remington Model 1861 Navy
  • Used in the civil war the Remington Model 1861 Navy had a thin brass trigger and was made in New York and was able to shoot 50 yards and was 7 inches in length but only 147,000 were made in the world.
Colt Model 1861

being a new weapon to the civil war the colt also know as baby Dragoon this weapons had a brass trigger and shot 40 yards.being one of the weapons of choice in the civil war there was only 200,000 made in the world.

Colt model 1848

Having a 5 bullet barrel this gun was a old version of the colt model 1861 this weapon was still a good one shot gun pistol and was use in the civil war but only 185,000 were made.

Spring Field Model 1861

.The spring field model 1861 can fire 3 shots in 1 minute.They fire in sections to be more accurate like a bee is harmless but a hive is dangerous.12.57 pounds and shoots up to 150 and 200 meters.

mini balls
  1. Must have 3 rings,and a hallow base
  2. They are not really called rings they are called "rooves"
  3. Every bullet was made into a paper cartridge
  4. You have to lubricate the bullet between the three rooves
  5. Not pronounced mini its pronounced Minae (French captain)
  6. Bullets

Cannons took at least 5 men to reload it.Man 1 had to clean the cannon ember from inside with a sponge.Man 2 warms the debris using safety grips and dried the cannon then reload it staying back and covering his ears.Man 1 would ame and man to man 3 would clean the cannon after fired.Man

Hand Grenade
  • Made by William F. Ketchum ,this bomb was designed to be thrown like a dart.They wade from 3 to 4 pounds and they were used by the federal army and the Navy.These grenades were found at Peters-burg,Port Hudson,Vicksburg and the USS Cairo.
  • At the end of muskets the bayonet was used for close combat because the musket took a long time to reload.If there were no more options the Bayonet was there final option.
Dragoon Saber Model 1840

use for close combat if the weapon they carried had a long reload time and was mostly carried by the captain of the army.

Usysses S. Grant
The union Leader
  • Born on April 27,1822 Grant was married to Julia Boggs Dent on August 22,1848 then had four kids. Having a family he was still the general of the union army and leader of 50,000 men. Grant honor freedom and justice every time he was in battle. With my own words he was one the greats leader in history but died on July 23,1885.
Robert E Lee
Leader of the confederation Army
  • Born January 19,1807 and married two Mary Anna Randolph he was the general of the confederation army leading over 43,000 men into battle.Being the leader of the war to surrender to Ulysses Grant in the Appomattox court house in April 9,1865 and ending the war.Soon later Lee died on October 12,1870.

What carried the cannons ammunition?

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