Retreat Yo Self. Why it's important to make a fitness retreat a 2017 must do.

You're probably thinking - why would I want to spend my precious holidays going on a fitness retreat when I could lie on the beach and drink cocktails all day long with a little site seeing in there. It's a fair enough question. What I want to ask you is - How do you feel when you get home after a holiday like that ? I bet, it's nothing like the way you feel when you get home from a Fitness Retreat. At least not the ESC Fitness Retreat.

So why should you make the leap in 2017 and book your first retreat?


To give yourself the ultimate relaxation holiday. It sounds weird that going to a Fitness retreat can be relaxing but it's true. It's easy to get caught up in everyday stressors at home and finding the time to get away and revitalise yourself can be challenging. A Fitness retreat can be the perfect way to channel relaxation on a different level. We often pressure ourselves to fit so much in when travelling, thinking we need to see everything and experience all that is to offer. A Fitness retreat has everything organised for you from what you eat, when you exercise and when you relax. Don't stress though, there is plenty of time for freedom too.


Use it as a good old fashion health kick. We all know how hard it can be to kickstart that new you or reboot the old one. What better way than surrounding yourself with like minded, health craving people. You can make it as healthy as you like. ESC offer a Fit. Lean. Clean. Daily Menu that you can either opt to follow strictly or follow loosely with the addition of a cocktail, coffee or both. After all, it's your holiday babe.


It doesn't get any easier to meet new people unless you are heading out on a Contiki Tour. And lets be honest, that's just not cool anymore. We have to remember that - Those who sweat together, stay together. Make memories of how terrible you were at burpies the morning after your 1 too many cocktails. Or make memories of how much you #owned that burpie after a good nights sleep. Either option - there are memories to be made !


Holidays can be lengthy and difficult to achieve when you are pushed for Annual Leave or amount of leave to really relax. ESC Fitness Retreat is a 5 day retreat. Just enough time to settle in, relax and unwind. You have the option to extend your stay either side of your fitness retreat. The important thing is to realise that you can escape when time is thin. When you think about it - 5 days is just a weekend with some RDO's thrown in either side - otherwise wasted on a boozy weekend in Sydney.

Make 2017 the year that you start making better choices towards a healthier you.

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