Are "dirty cops" really dirty? By: Lexie Yauchzee

Police officers do things they do not like to get some extra money, such as selling drugs gathered in crime scenes. Selling confiscated drugs is illegal because it is considered evidence.

If not, they may have empty plates...

But If they do, sell drugs they can feed their Children! They are just trying to have a family and protect innocent people at the same time,, but that can be hard when they do not make enough. It can also be hard when the public is against you at times. No matter what parents always put their children first.

Who will have a smile on their faces when they have a full belly.

Which may require selling some of these.

They risk their lives everyday

Police deserve more money for that. Being a police officer is a hard job that is very physically demanding. Police get monitored with a fine tooth comb and have to deal with some extreme situations, such as being held at gun point.

Most police officers have to pull more shifts because they can not pay bills.
A raise in pay could mean an extra day to play.


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