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Creatively coordinating your space...

My first love as a child was art. I would draw and paint on every surface imaginable, but luckily for my mother, never on the walls. My passion for art, innovation, and creativity has emanated into every aspect of my work. Always looking for the next ingenious design or idea to capture an audience drives the artist within me.

Throughout my life, I've carefully crafted the spaces around me. Whether it was practicing feng shui in my bedroom as a teen, or constantly rearranging my parent's garage, I feel there is always room for improvements or changes to elevate the energy or mood of a space. My attention to detail and high organizational skills have also played a part in many events I have coordinated for family and friends.

'Design is creativity with strategy.' - Rob Curedale

In addition to my sharp eye for detail and passion for the creative, my strong work ethic and dependable drive to succeed is an asset for any company looking for a strong Project Manager, Designer's Assistant, or Event Coordinator. My passion for bringing ideas to life and unveiling a finished result can be found in my various work experiences.

How I've made an impact...

The Delight is in the Details

Picking out the right elements for any event is not always an easy task for everyone, but it's one of my favorite things to do! From color swatches, furniture choices, flatware, graphics and floral, I love seeing everything come together for an event. I have worked with a variety of vendors to coordinate floral arrangements, catering, and rentals in order to make sure the event comes together smoothly.

Hard Work & Organization

Being an organizational junkie, I am constantly driven to make everything clean, organized, and visually appealing. Whether it's rearranging cabinets, adding small, handmade creative details to an event, or redesigning a small dining room (as pictured here), the smallest change can sometimes make the biggest difference. Not only can it pack a visual punch, but also increase efficiency and productivity in a variety of ways.

Listening with my eyes and ears

Whether helping an artist pick out the right shade of grey, selecting the perfect clock for an entryway, or advising on an area rug, I always want to make sure the client is happy. While I commonly hear the phrase "I trust your judgement", I still like to collect as much info from the client as far as their taste and budget are concerned. Nothing says design success like a satisfied client in their new, tasteful (yet affordable) surroundings.

Thanks for learning a little bit about me and what I can bring to your team!

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