School Communications Parent Survey may 2021

We received 69 responses to our School Communications Parent Survey in May 2021 and it is our pleasure to share with you the results. Overall, parents are very pleased with the style, frequency and content of our school communications but you also asked us to improve in one key area - teacher comments on assessment point reports. More on this later in the newsletter. Enjoy reading a summary of the responses to our survey which begins with graphs of the data before moving on to some of the comments that were submitted as part of the survey.

Section 1: The Data

Here are the number of parent survey responses by year group.

The vast majority of parents are happy with school communications which is great!

You were really positive about school communications relating to your child's progress, merits, attendance and behaviour.

You told us that we need to improve the quantity and quality of teacher comments on your child's report.

We are using your subject area responses below to share best practice across the school.

You told us that a mobile device is the most commonly used device for viewing emails from school.

Parents predominantly use a mobile device to view our letters or newsletters.

In summary, we are really pleased that parents are very positive about the communications we send home and we have already responded to this survey feedback by moving away form pdf letters to the Adobe Spark Page which is much more engaging and more easily viewed on mobile devices - looks great on a laptop or desktop too!

Traditional letters from the school will also take the form of an Adobe Spark Page. However, it will still be necessary to send some letters home as a pdf or in print for things like trips that may require the return of a permission slip.

At a time when face to face meetings have been difficult - and online parents evenings are rarely satisfactory - it has been pleasing to see the positivity about the communications sent home by different subject areas. Throughout the year, teachers strive to keep parents informed in a timely manner through a variety of means which include emails, telephone calls, Teams meetings, text messages (although we try to only use these for more urgent messages), postcards and the awarding of merits for good work, attitude to learning and meeting the school's expectations.

We hope to see a return to parents evenings next year and your child's teachers will continue to use a variety of methods across the academic year to keep you informed about your child's progress.

Remember, you can contact the school at any point in the year if you would like to talk to one of your child's teachers who will be only to pleased to provide an update.

The key area for us to develop is the quality and quantity of comments on your child's assessment point reports. We will be working on this in the coming weeks ahead of issuing your child's assessment point 3 report in July.

Section 2: Comments

We were pleased to receive so many overwhelmingly positive comments from parents; here are a small selection.

We seem to receive the information we need, and it is always communicated in a clear and respectful way.
Wider school communications are well timed and it is helpful that we receive emails and text messages.
We appreciate the use of Adobe Spark for newsletters as we can view them easily.
I like the individual feedback emails from teachers about something specific that my child has done. I like the new online version (Adobe Spark) of the School Newsletter.
Immediacy of text for important messages, quick contact from school re C1 is really useful to enable us to support child quickly. Emails are always relevant and the right frequency. Direct comms with individual teachers is also excellent. All who I have contacted have been very quick to respond on individual classroom / child issues. Excellent all round.
Delighted how you keep informed about all aspects of my daughters outdoor activities and school time, very impressed.
Behaviour sms are timely so issues can be addressed at home.
Parent newsletters and information letters are informative, also the frequency of those communications is good. Emails and texts are good too.
Like the newsletter. Emails are welcome. I think the merit system is a great positive communication too. When my daughter was involved in an incident, I was telephoned and it was handled very well. Assessment points are good with AtL scores and targets.

The following comments reflect the key area for us to develop - adding more comments to our Assessment Point reports.

I think the teachers could give more feedback and actually write something not just put a score on reports.
With lack of parents evening I would like more communication from teachers to see how my child is getting on.
More updates on student's achievements and progress would be good, consistency between teachers. Some regular, others never hear from.
Assessment reports need more input by teachers. even just one sentence would do. It is however appreciated how may children each teacher teaches.
I was not entirely impressed with the Assessment Reports which were made up of numbers/letters only with no comments or explanations - I would have liked a bit of narrative.
The school reports - very rarely do teachers put comments and this is a downfall. If for instance my child was below a target, due to the lack of comment I wouldn’t know if the teacher had concerns or if actually everything was fine because it was, say, a particularly tricky topic or not all of the unit had been covered before the assessment had been made (or something else but it wasn’t a cause for concern).
Comments on the Assessment Point Reports if your child is below target, rather than just an attainment grade; parents want to know what to do to help their child improve their grade and catch up.
"I love the new look newsletter. Collection of comments on Arbor. I realise it’s so time consuming for teachers, and you all work so incredibly hard, but it is always nice to get feedback about how your child is doing! Keep up the amazing work! 😊"

In closing, we would like to say a huge thank you for your feedback. We are a school that likes to listen and we look forward to making improvements to our report comments.

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