my focused future by brendan murphy

This is a map of the Colorado Trail, which I intend to hike the entirety of in 2018. it is 486 miles long, starts in Denver, CO, and ends in a Southern Colorado town called Durango.
After I graduate, my parents and I intend to go to Italy and Ireland. This is a picture of the famed grand Cathedral of Milan, Italy
This summer, I am going to Toronto, Canada, and will be spending a week outside of the US for the first time ever.
This summer I intend to spend a week in Columbia, Missouri touring the Mizzou campus and spending time with a friend
This Fall I intend to travel to Colorado to spend time with my grandparents
I will most likely take a gap year after high school and will spend time working and adapting to life outside of high school
I intend to go to Johnson County Community College in 2019. I will most likely study astrophysics, and will transfer to a different school after finishing my prerequisites
Hopefully, in the distant future, I will get married.
While I am in college, hopefully I will be able to get a job delivering food, as that will allow me free gas, and hopefully good pay.
I intend to build a PC in the coming months, probably over the summer.

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