Rise of the Minimum Wage By Asael Funez-Medina

Raising or not raising the minimum wage has been a long debate throughout the United States, with some people saying that we shouldn't raise the minimum wage, while others are saying we should raise it. Here is a proposal as to why we should raise the minimum wage.

poverty's roll in raising the minimum wage

One of the few reasons why we should raise the minimum wage is because of how low the wage is, families cannot make enough money to get out of poverty. A graph provided by the official White House website shows that the current minimum wage is doesn't have as much money making value as much as back in the 1960s, and that not even a family of two can make enough money to survive without major difficulties.

Graph showcasing the poverty levels and criteria for family survival

health's roll in raising the minimum wage

Along with low money and poverty, the low minimum wage also results with low health. A study and graph provided by the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative shows that in California, people working the minimum wage are more likely to suffer from bad health or health options than people who work above the minimum wage. The graph below shows that people living the minimum wage have poorer health than those who work above the minimum wage.

The information shown here shows that working the minimum wage can be beneficial to people in terms of life and health. Raising the minimum wage may help other to achieve decent to good lives instead of just cruddy and bad lives from working the current wage.

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