Jennie Shaffer #championsforgingchampions


My name is Jennie and I’m a certified personal trainer and registered behavioral change therapist from Los Angeles California. I specialize in corrective exercise, injury prevention and weight loss/strength and conditioning and have degrees in both psychology and health sciences.

My focus with each and every client I work with is to teach and encourage behavioral change techniques in order to create positive habit changes which will help each client attain their goal. Whether it be recovering from an “irreparable” back injury, losing 100+ lbs in under 6 months, competing in your first bodybuilding competition, or simply feeling more confident about your body or your relationship with food; I can help you create long-lasting positive behavioral changes and lifestyle habits in order to turn your goals into something both attainable and maintainable.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start making these changes towards the life you’ve always wanted.

IG: Jennie_healthandfitness

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