Bruce Morelan Early Dollar Collection finest ever collection of early dollars to be auctioned this october

Legend Rare Coin Auctions is proud to announce that the Bruce Morelan Collection of Early Dollars will be sold this October in our Regency Auction 41, taking place at the PCGS Members' Only Show in Las Vegas.

The Bruce Morelan Collection is the finest set of Early Dollars ever assembled, and features the world famous $1 1794 PCGS SP66 and $1 1804 PCGS PR65. In its previous auction appearance, Bruce purchased the 1794 $1 for a world record $10,000,000, making it the most valuable US coin to ever sell in auction, and the only one to eclipse the $10,000,000 mark. The 1804 $1 is the Dexter/Pogue specimen, and is world famous in its own right, being the third finest known example of the Class I 1804 Dollar.

In total, the collection includes fifteen early dollars, representing every date and type of dollar struck at the Philadelphia mint from 1794 to 1804. Each coin was carefully selected by Bruce and his partners at Legend Numismatics for quality and eye appeal, and each coin in the set is a highlight in its own right.

With the thrill of the hunt now finished, Bruce is ready to see a new set of collectors enjoy ownership of these numismatic treasures. Legend Rare Coin Auctions is honored to present, The Bruce Morelan Collection:

Cert Number: 36065467
Cert Number: 25282464
Cert Number: 11777144
Cert Number: 25011756
Cert Number: 28943920
Cert Number: 28943919
Cert Number: 25583596
Cert Number: 06661556
Cert Number: 07342892
Cert Number: 25527199
Cert Number: 25346086
Cert Number: 28943921
Cert Number: 32709112
Cert Number: 28943922
Cert Number: 36065478