Aromatic Blending for a holistic complimentary therapy

Process of Blending

Stage One: The Consultation

Do you have any known allergies to nuts, seeds, or other vegetable oils?

Doyon have any known allergies to scents or aromas?

Stage Two: Developing a Treatment Framework

Physiological Approach

Psychological (Mental / Emotional / Spiritual) Approach

Holistic (Combination) Approach

What is the need?

What does each oil in my "synergy" do?

Synergy: the combination of 3-5 essential oils without a carrier oil or cream

Stage Three: Developing an Aromatic Blend

Step 1: Design Synergy

Core Essential Oil: based on your primary purpose / goal and is considered the heart of the synergy

Enhancer Essential Oil: strengthens the core essential oil in it's purpose and therapeutic action

Harmonizing Essential Oil: supports and enhances the vitality and purpose of the overall synergy - especially impacts aroma - often used to address the emotional aspect of the synergy

Additional Essential Oils: either an enhancer or harmonizing oil

Do they smell good together?

Step 2: Choose Carrier Oil or Other Delivery System

Systemic or Local Application? (Oil or cream? Etc?)

Step 3: Dosage - At What Dilution?

Normally between 1-3 percent (see Traditional Dosage Chart pg.89)

Dilution Chart - Pg. 91

Step 4: The Blending Factor (BF)

Blending Factor Scale (1 to 10)

1 = Powerful Aroma, use less in blend

10 = tends to be more volatile, lighter aroma, use more in blend

Perceiving the Blending Factor

Step 1: Choose three essential oils

Step 2: Remove the lids off all three bottles

Step 3: Using both your hands, hold the bottles together so that all the tops are at the same height

Step 4: Swirl the bottles under your nose, slowly, a number of times. Then pause for a moment and repeat. Repeat as needed to gain further insight.

Step 5: Decide which of the three is more potent (which one seems to be standing out the strongest), and then place this one down on the table. Then with the other two bottles, repeat steps 3-5.

Equation: First, add up the blending factors, next divide the blending factor number for each oil by the total and then multiply by number of drops used for dilution percentage

In GLASS container, add drops, SWIRL and smell - adjust as needed - make sure you have blended the oils well so that you can get a clear aroma of the actual synergy BEFORE adding more oil!!

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