Yukon 2013 Edge of the world

In 2013, I had the opportunity to work on a remote project in the far north of the Canadian Yukon Territory. The weather there is so harsh that there are only 6-8 weeks of summer that you can work after the ground thaws. These are a few of the photos..

Fly Fishing Serenity

The view on my "commute" to work. A 300m walk on a dirt road to the job site.

23+ hours of sunlight most days
Bush Pilot bringing in supplies daily

The view was enough to make you stop and take it in - every day...

The sunset view (11pm) through my cabin door. That was a low as the sun got at night.
Quick trip in the heli to a lake for some amazing Trout fishing.

Probably the only people at this lake in the past 10 years

Our neighborhood Moose in the bog next to camp

Our "Wildlife Monitor" (guy with the gun) On the look out for whatever made that giant paw print in the mud

After 4 years, I'm still think often of the open valley, wildlife and untouched wilderness. Going to a place on this planet that few men have ever touched was an amazing privilege. Just another reminder to me how much I love nature and the outdoors.

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