Buying Screws Should Be Easy Quickscrews Launches 1st Retail Display

When was the last time you had to buy screws? Remember having to walk into the hardware store, find the right aisle, and then stare at the shelves for 15 minutes trying to figure out what type of screw you need for your fence? Somehow, something so simple such as purchasing screws became more difficult than the SAT's. But unfortunately when you ask the store employee for help, you often don't get a tutoring lesson in screws. Because of the large variety of products at a Big Box Hardware store, its difficult for someone to become an expert in all their offerings-- usually in-depth screw knowledge is left for the diehard hobbyists.

Russell Eisenman training a San Lorenzo Lumber employee on Quickscrews Retail Program

At San Lorenzo Lumber however, we spent hours training their staff to understand our new Quickscrews Retail Program.

In addition to learning about why Quickscrews are easier to use in hardwoods, the staff was exposed to our Color-Coded Icon System. On every Quickscrews Retail package there are a set of icons that visually describe each feature of the screw which can help you differentiate between the thousands of screw options out there. Instead of having to hold up a box of screws and try to read the tiny label, these icons allow the customer to quickly find what he's looking for and get back to the real job.

I used to buy quickscrews in bulk when i was a professional contractor, but since i've retired i don't need that many screws anymore. Once i heard quickscrews was sold in smaller package sizes, i drove over to the store that weekend and picked up a few packs. sure is glad to be back with the best. - Roy, Santa Cruz, CA.

Even with the increase in online purchasing, there will always be a need for that weekend hardware store pickup. With Quickscrews Retail Program, you'll be able to supply your customers with the best screws available when they need them.

Don't get screwed, get Quickscrews.

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