Boundary Project By:sid burkeen

Transform Boundaries, the type of stress at transform boundaries have is tension and they slide side by side. The landforms that Transform Boundaries form are transform faults and fault zones. San Andreas Fault made caused a earthquake in 1906 was a very bad disaster.

A transform boundary is seen above.

Divergent plate boundaries stress type is tension. Divergent plate boundaries form a Rift Valley and Oceanic crust. The motion of divergent plate boundaries are is away from each other. The stress of a divergent plate boundary is tension. East Africa December 5th 2005 earthquake.

Convergent plate boundary motion is going towards each other and is compressing the rock together or going up or it can go down. The stress of a Convergent Boundary is compression. Volcanoes, trenches and part volcano/mountains (Died out volcano). A real world event/disaster is the tsunami in 2016 Tuesday 22 of November it had a magnitude of 7.4. and of course the mid ocean ridge made a earth quake making a tsunami so therefor it was caused by a convergent plate boundary.


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