The Southern Colonys by Gabby T

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Reason For Founding

One reason they found the Southern colonies was they wanted to make a Catholic colony.

Another reason why they started a southern colony was the English was scared of the Spanish attacking North and South Carolina so the made Georgia a colony to protect the the English.

The last reason why the English made money was to make more money then they did in England.

One natural resource is fresh soil for growing crops/cash crops.

Here are some industries in the Southern colonies

One way that people made money in the Southern was growing indigo. They used indigo to dye clothes.

They also grew cotton to make clothes too.

Growing rice was also a way to make money.

also planting fruit trees and selling the fruit.

The Geography of the Southern colony

The Southern colonies are bigger than the middle and Northern colonies. Near the last colony (Georgia) it was very swampy. There were hot summers but not to cold winters.


One of the first English settlement was Jamestown. Jamestown was very successful. They were the colony to grow tobacco. Jamestown was located on the coast of Virginia.

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