Chamisal News April 2017

Member of the Month

Chamisal would like to introduce one of our talented and long time members, Mr. Ron Antuzzi.

Ron did the recent new pavers and new sidewalk to the entrance of the club. We are proud of his work and would like to extend his business profession to our own club members.

He has been in the concrete construction business for over 40 years and purchased the business from his father. He recently finished the Holman Ranch Wine Cave in Carmel Valley and the new Watsonville Airport airplane hangar, to name a few of his outstanding accomplishments.

Ron has been a member for over 18 years. He enjoyed this labor of love and he said what made it so great to be here working on our pavers was the staff, the members and the delicious food that the Bistro offers.

Antuzzi Concrete Construction


Phone: 831-320-1600

Storm Update

Just after the storm

View from the back

View from the side

Two weeks into the cleanup

The damage

The crew hard at work

Almost done...

The Pro Shop

Chamisal has a new look and we're excited for you to see the pro shop entrance!

We are also updating our records, including inputting your USTA rating for the new roster we're creating and taking your picture. Having your photo taken is exclusively for our new member check-in system, it is mandatory and will only take a few seconds of your time.

Monday through Friday of next week, professionals will be on-site assessing the upper parking lot for future pickle ball courts. The upper parking lot and entrance to the fitness room will not be available. Please enter through the pro shop which will be open at 5:00 AM. Until all adjustments are made regarding the staff scheduling, remember to exit through the Cafe when the pro shop is closes in the evening.

Tennis News

Summer Tennis Camps

Chamisal Junior Development Program will be offering Summer Tennis Camps starting June 5th and running for 10 weeks until August 11. Look for an email soon with all the details.

Register Today!!!

The Bad Knees Bears are Back!!

Your BKB warriors were victorious in the young season's first match played at Chamisal against the rascals from Rio del Mar. It was a close and exciting contest, as usual. Our opposition will be one of the stronger teams this season.

#1 Singles Tony Lorenzi prevailed 6-3, 6-2. As usual, he covered the court like a madman running the opposition ragged and leaving the defeated player gasping for breath. Tony, however, hardly broke a sweat.

#2 Singles Herb (don't call me 'Erb) Rubenstein, in fact, didn't come close to breaking a sweat other than in his warm-up - he had a game time Rio default announced. The likely overmatched opponent probably got wind of Herb's assignment, perhaps through British wiretapping of our phones, and bailed out from sheer fear. A 6-0, 6-0 win for Herb and the team.

#1 Doubles Dieter Seitz and Mike (Mad Dog) Maurutto delivered the tease match of the afternoon 6-3, 1-6, 1-0. They won the first set, collapsed in the second set and then rallied to win the third set major tiebreaker.

#2 Doubles Gentleman Greg Knowles and Tom ("no I did not prostitute my body for the cheap tickets to Hamilton) Perlman fought valiantly but ultimately succumbed to the blindly lucky play of the Rio bad boys.

#3 Doubles Skip Johnson and Steve Schumann also fought the good fight, nearly taking the first set to a tiebreaker and then losing the second. Skip, again, proved he is one of the best players on the team with his power play, full court coverage, and racket control. Steve, on the other hand, should stick to writing the Court Reports, at least from this match.

Nevertheless, we prevailed and are in first place in the Monterey Bay League by a narrow margin over Monterey Tennis Center.

Interestingly, virtually all of the BKB behaved themselves the entire match. Mad Dog Maurutto left his clothes on most of the time and no one complained about the officiating (since there was none). Dieter played in spite of some sort of painful intestinal or other condition (or else he was trying to rip the metal bar out of the concrete - see the fourth photo below). Unfortunately, when everyone behaves it leaves the Court Report author to fabricate some sort of interesting fake news, or maybe alternate facts. Who knows? In any event, I resisted the temptation this time.

Thanks to the Berm Bums for always faithful attendance, Ed and his team for the usual superior culinary offering and particularly Lori as the backup photographer.

Upcoming Events

Third Friday Party April 21st

Join your friends for a first Friday party starting at 6:00 p.m. Complimentary wine tasting Provided by: The Cafe. Featuring live music by Kiki Wow and guest artists.

Celebrate Easter at Chamisal!!

The Easter Bunny will be making a special appearance at 10:00 a.m Saturday, April 15th followed by an Easter egg hunt.

A delicious brunch with additional Easter treats will be available for purchase at the cafe.

Fitness News

“Breakfast? No, I’m not hungry.”

You’ve probably heard people often say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Do you agree? I certainly do. I can’t even go an hour in the morning without eating a balanced meal. Yet statistics show that 10% of Americans, that’s something like 35 million people, skip their first meal. There are many reasons why you might skip breakfast but what I hear the most is “I’m not hungry in the morning so why should I eat?”.

Breakfast is energy. Energy sets the tone for your day. Breakfast also jump starts your metabolism. Getting your metabolism started bright and early keeps it moving at a faster pace.

If you skip breakfast you might find yourself starving by lunch, causing you to overeat at your next meal leading to dips and spikes in your blood sugar. Overtime, if your body pumps out a ton of insulin to compensate for that surge of blood sugar, your pancreas can burn out, leading to diabetes! Scary!

But here’s where the question arises, “Why am I not hungry in the morning?”

There was probably a point in your life when you were hungry in the morning, yes? So what happened?

Chances are you are ignoring your natural biological hunger signals. When you ignore these signals long enough, you stop hearing them. So it’s not that you’re not hungry in the morning, but instead your actions, skipping breakfast, have caused those hunger signals to stop firing! That’s right you are hungry, maybe even starving. Your brain decided to stop sending the hunger hormones to keep you from that feeling of being ravenous so you wouldn’t freak out. Instead your body has become a cannibal, looking for other things to eat for energy.

Here’s the fix:

Eat breakfast!! It’s as easy as that. Start with something light, such as Greek yogurt and berries. Once you begin to get used to eating in the morning again, you will start to hear your hunger signals. This will help you increase your energy, mood, be more alert throughout the day and yes, even lose body fat. Fear of getting too many calories? Eating too little calories, actually is worse. It causes your body to go on strike and refuse to lose fat. Instead it starts to eat your cartilage, muscles, bones and more. How many calories should you eat? Book a training with one of our trainers to find out just what you need. We also offer muscle quality testing for under $25.00. This is a great way to discover your body’s imbalances that lead to other issues and cause unneeded pain or discomfort.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is now offered every saturday morning at 8a.m.

Master Swim Classes Starting Again This Monday, April 10th!




We are excited to introduce Gary Figueroa as the newest member of our team who is the new master swim instructor!

Gary was born in Arizona before moving to California in 1970.

Gary was a National Champion, DII swimmer at UC Irvine and DI water polo All American at UCI. Those teams were 2nd in the Nation 3 out of 4 years. Gary went on to play water polo for the US National Team earned a silver medal at the 1984 Olympic games in LA.

During those years, Gary also taught swimming, was a lifeguard at Huntington State Beach, and became a water polo referee which he still continues doing.

More recently, Gary has coached swimming, diving & water polo at Salinas HS; water polo at CSUMB; and club aquatics for Legacy Water Polo club. Gary is a board member of the Otter Bay Masters water polo club that trains at CSUMB.

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