Sofia Molina Drawing & Painting 1

The area that I've most improved in are proportions and where these proportions are located. I was able to improve on the drawing for it to actually look like me. For my final portrait, I would improve the right eye and how tilted it is. Another thing I would improve is the chest area, since I was a little off with the shading for both drawings in this area. When looking at both drawings though, I am most proud of the mouth shading and ears and hair in the final drawing. I was able to shade both ears and hair correctly, and both mouths I thought were very spot on.
Where do you see the most artistic growth? The areas I've seen the most artistic growth in my water coloring are the details from layering the paint from lightest to darkest. I tried adding little details of fur in the dismembered deer and warm red tones to add more color and contrast to the rest of the paper. I added darker shadows, which I've grown in since my last projects did not have much value with shadows. Areas I'm still struggling with would be being neat. Throughout the image I feel like I could've been more precise and could've made the lines neater while painting. This most helpful thing I've learn in this class is the history behind Cubism and to always question whether or not a piece is finished or not. To also take my time and that its okay to start over with a piece. I wish I had learned more about Cubism history. I thought it was really interesting and would've loved to hear more about it.

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