George Washington

George was a good leader for the us he faught for us in the war and train some people that did not know how to fight fight and he help us win some wars.His cabnit is good because some of them are good at doing their jobs and getting what they want/can.Thomas Jefferson was guvnor and Hamilton was leader of the national constitution and had the idea of the bank.They are good cabnit picks because they are good at getting with they want from every country that we agree to talk to them with them.

necessary and proper clause of the U.S. Constitution known as the elastic clause which allows Congress to make laws it needs to carry out its own powers.And it will help people because if the are good laws people will be more successful but its a bad law people might just protest to get that law like gone.

Washington and Hamilton will get us out of dept by making up a plan to like give people loans and they pay them back more money than what they gave them and then they keep doing it and the more business and houses sold the more money they make to payoff the dept.

D.C is a good location for the capital of the U.S because The white house is there and the president is there and a lot of people live there like in that area but most people would want it there so people who would like to work there they can see what its like being in there.


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