Clash Royale Overview A Fun and addicting game for everyone

Clash Royale is a strategy game made by Supercell. Supercell is also the company that brought you Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a PvP game that millions of people play around the world.

Overview of this extremely popular game

This is the clash Royale home screen. When you open up the app this is how it will look. In the center you see the arena in which you will battle in. The arena you are in depends on your trophy count (which you see in the top right by your player name). If you swipe to the left you will see the cards you have and the deck of cards you will use in battle. If you swipe right you will see your clan chat if you are in a clan but if you are not in a clan you will see a list of clans you can join.

This is the screen on which you see the cards you have and the deck you are using. As you can see you can have 3 decks but can only use one at a time. The cards you use are dragged onto the arena to activate and then you will see a 3D version of the picture of the card walking on the arena.

This is how it will look inside a battle with cards down on the screen. As you can see on the bottom of the screen there are grayed out cards on the bottom of the screen. I can not put these down as I do not have enough energy or elixir in Clash Royale vocabulary. Elixir charges up automatically over time.

This is the clan chat screen. Here you can periodically request cards from other players and text other players in your can also see here who has joined the clan, left the clan or been kicked out of the clan.

This is the card shop. Here you can buy the cards that are in the shop. The cards that are in your shop change once every day and only cards that you can unlock or have already unlock will show up here. The cards that you can unlock depend on the arena you are in. Different pls apcars arcane be acquired in different arenas.

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