2020 HIKE FOR HOSPICE Saturday, September 19, 2020

Thank you for joining us! We are so excited to have you join us for our 2020 Virtual Hike for Hospice. We may be physically apart this year but we can work together to raise money to support our incredible community resource, Sakura House Residential Hospice. We appreciate all of your support.

How to Participate

There is no limit to creativity when brainstorming fundraising ideas to support your Hike for Hospice. Engage your creative resources and encourage your team to think BIG. Here are just a few examples of easy ways to use your new pandemic skills and get your community involved:

Bake Sale

So many of us have perfected the art of baking during quarantine, why not share it with your community! Bake your favourite treats, breads, or try new recipes and sell them to friends and family to support your Hike for Hospice. Make sure you are following safe food handling and cooking practices.

Garage Sale

With the extra time we seem to find ourselves with, why not do some summer cleaning! Post your unwanted items on digital platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji and schedule porch pickups to make sure you stay safe while still raising some extra funds for Sakura!

Craft Sale

If you picked up, or reignited, a crafting hobby why not show them off to your family and friends! Crochet, knit, sew, paint, tie dye, or craft your way to Top Fundraiser by putting them up for sale! Porch pick-ups and e-transfers are a great way to make sure you keep safe.

Car Wash

What better way to work on your sun tan than washing someone else's car? Spread the word and set up a washing station in your driveway, or travel to your friends and family's houses to wash their cars. Remember to only wash the outside and physically distance to make this the perfect fundraiser!

Bottle Drive

Summer is usually paired with a cold beverage, why not save your empties and collect them (physically distanced of course) from friends and family. Bring them back to the Beer Store and donate the money to support your Hike for Hospice!

Please Show Your Support

It's simple! Share how you are participating in Hike for Hospice on your social media and use the hashtag #HikeforSakura in your post. Send an email, or text message to all of the people you care about and tell them to join you in supporting Oxford County's only residential hospice. Pick up the phone, call your loved ones, and tell them how much Sakura House means to you.

#HikeforSakura in Action

Rocks have been painted and scattered around the city to show support our 2020 Hike for Hospice. Share your photos on social media using #HikeforSakura to be featured on this page!


Created with images by Brooke Lark• Markus Spiske • Olliss • Elly Johnson • Lacey Williams