Mason's Voices of Well-Being A Mason student shares her story of how she enhances her well-being.

Mason's Voices of Well-Being series features Aleasha Checo, Mason Kinesiology Student and Graduate Assistant for Mason Recreation. This is how Aleasha practices her well-being:

"To enhance my Well-being, I take breaks from my day to color. Since I was a kid, art has been my favorite thing to do. Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that art is more than just a fun activity."
"I recently started coloring after being given a coloring book. I found that taking breaks to color in between meetings and throughout the day allows me to re-focus my thoughts and re-energize. It’s something that has boosted my productivity as well."
"I try to color at least once a day. I would recommend coloring to anyone looking for a fun way to de-stress throughout the day. There are all different kinds of coloring books out there, find one you like and give it a try."

Want your story to be shared next? Email Aleasha Checo (acheco@gmu.edu) and follow directions found here. While you're there, feel free to explore some of our other well-being opportunities.


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