Photoshop Montage Sofia Ghandi

Part 1: Renaissance Portrait



Portrait of Elise Kreuzberger, Friedrich von Amerling



The portrait I chose is a work of art by Friedrich von Amerling. I liked the character’s appearance and stylistic attributes, so it becomes the best base for the final. To match the face and the original portrait, I cropped the face, blurred the edges, changed the colors and added some new shades and details. Also, I used the craquelure texture to make the face look like a real oil painting. For background, I chose mountains that I used to see every day in my homeland city. Also, they perfectly matched the color palette of original portrait. My two additional items are the neck choker and the flower under the jacket. I wanted the final montage to look not funky, but more real. I worked on color palette a lot, so every piece of composition would work with one another. While working on this project, I watched a lot of interesting and helpful tutorials. Exercising on this assignment brought my photoshop abilities on a new level.

Part 2: Surrealistic Portrait


Original photograph

Erika Kulpina



For this project, I took some photos of Erika Kuplina, because her face suits well for this thematic design. I took inspiration from surrealistic floral motives. To increase the surreal effect, I changed the background to make it cloudy and mysterious. My color palette is very contrasting: dark blue tones and bright yellow shades. To highlight the flowers, I made surroundings look black and white. Surreal portrait assignment was a challenge for me because I had some problems with brainstorming. But finally, I came up with the idea, that suits my style and design favorites.

Part 3: Traditional Photo Portraits

Steve Carty workshop

Steve Carty workshop became very influencing one for the current period of my life. Through 70 minutes of the period, he became an authority teacher, because his life stories and jokes were very genuine and honest. The workshop was not only about light technics (for example: side, front etc.) but about self-confidence and career development. It was an incredible experience to learn some insights directly from the professional and successful photographer.

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Sonya Ghandi

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