Alfred Eisenstaedt Emma Riley

Alfred Eisenstaedt

His journey in life lasted Almost 100 years... he lived from 1898 to 1995

Eisenstaedt's passion for photography started when he was little and continued throughout his life until he was photographing big name stars and presidents.

Eisenstaedt was known for candid photography. His subjects were always relaxed and in their habitat.

"I don't come as a photographer, I come as a friend." ~ Alfred Eisenstaedt

His subjects never felt intimidated by the small 35 mm Leica camera he would show up with... it was a small and easy camera to use, not nearly as big and bulky and as terrifying at the other professional camera of the time.

Eisenstaedt often used natural lighting because it was the most flattering lighting for a candid photo... quite genius really, to use nature in the most literal sense to get a naturally beautiful photograph.

Eisenstaedt had been hired at the associated press (pacific and atlantic Photos at the time) in germany in 1929 when he was 31 years old.

"Anthony Eden, resistant to being photographed, called Eisenstaedt 'the gentle executioner.' Similarly, Winston Churchill told him where to place the camera to get a good picture, and during a photo shoot of Ernest Hemingway in his boat, Hemingway, in a rage, tore his own shirt to shreds and threatened to throw Eisenstaedt overboard" (Wikipedia).
Anthony Eden [right], Winston Churchill [Centre], Ernest Hemingway [Left], all photographs were taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

His ability to capture portraits of people without them looking obviously uncomfortable or staged is phenomenal. He can see an image in the world and adjust perfectly to capture it.

I personally chose his because I adore candid photography.

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