future house The house technologic of your dream is on this page

The house of the future is entirely technological. Each piece is connected on our smart phone and you can all control at distance. For example, you can make a coffee to be ready when you arrive, or start the oven so that it starts heating. The windows would be tactile, so you can listen the TV anywhere in the house. Also, the windows could tint to have less sun when you desire.


The mirror in the bathroom would be tactile and it could give the information of the day because often in the morning people go to the bathroom.


For the room, you can put a schedule for your clothing for the week and it will place it every morning at the time of your waking up, this can be very practical.


All kitchen appliances are connected to your mobile phone and you can project the screen of your smart phone on the office to see a recipe or to listen to the TV.

The house is modern style, it is spacious and really big. There are several style, you can choose what you prefer

the price of the house is 2.5 millions dollars, this is an affordable price for all the house offers you

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