La Historia de España Abby Oberembt 8corozones

The First Invasions

Celtas - oeste

Iberos - este

Celtiberos - medio

The Romans invadieron and took over Spain. Doing so, they used up all of their resources. The fall of Rome happened in 409 a.d.

Next, the Visigoths invaded, and similarly, they used up all of their resources.

Soon, the Moors came from the North Africa and used Spain as their escape from religious persecution. They defeated the Visigoths.

La Reconquista

Christians = Norte

Muslims = Sur

Both continually pelearon a battle of words. People would say they were Christian but go home and practice Islam because nobody was stopping them.


Santiago fue un martir who fought to kill Muslims at this time. This was his battle cry which meant, "Kill the Muslims!"


The Moors dividieron their kingdom into smaller kingdoms to keep control. The last Moorish king was defeated in January of 1492 in Granada.

Catholic Reign

The First King, Fernando of Aragon, and Queen, Isabel of Castilla, of Spain are Catholic

They termnio the Moorish kingdom in 1492 through their military success.

The Spanish Inquisition

All Muslims and Jews had to convert to Christianity or leave Spain. Although this was true, it did not always work because there was no autoridad.

The methods used to convert Muslims and Jews were interrogating and torturing methods. If that failed, the Inquisition ejecuto them.

Los papas encouraged this.

Kings and Queens of Spain

Juana = "Hermana" of Fernando and Isabel

Felipe = From the powerful Habsburg familia

They married and Juana became known as "La Loca".

Carlos I = "Hermano" of Juana and Felipe

He was also known as Charles V of Austria and Germany and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Under his rule, Spain crecio rapidly. Gold, silver, corn, potatoes, and fruit flooded in from Central America. He used this money luchar contra his religious wars across Europe.

Felipe II = Son of Charles V

In 1554, he caso Mary Tudor of England to create an international Catholic alianza.

A male heir would have become the king of England but there was none. The Protestant Elizabeth I came to power.

Dutch, anexo from Portugal, declared independence from Spain which caused a war involving England

Spain, who was supposedly invincible, was defeated. Portugal and England started propaganda against Spain.

Felipe III = Son of Felipe II

He dies.

Felipe IV = Son of Felipe III

He reigned over one of Spain's richest time periods: the Siglo de Oro

Literatura, drama, and arte were flourishing.

Carlos II = Son of Felipe IV

He was known as "El Hechizado" and thought to be crazy. In 1700, he died leaving no heir to ascend the Spanish throne.

This concludes the reign of the Habsburgs.

Lucha for the Trono

War of Spanish Succession = royal families and their nations battling to rule Spain

The war ended in 1713. Felipe V, a Borbon, became King of Spain.

The Borbon Rule

They were concerned with life at the court, not the Spanish people.

Carlos IV = son of Carlos III

He was not smart and did not know how to rule.

Guerra of Spanish Independencia

This rebellion empezo in Madrid on May 2, 1808. During this time, the American colonies ganaron their independence.

The Constitucion of 1812 = Parliamentary Monarchy

Fernando VII = Son of Carlos IV

He was exiled in France but returned to rule after the defeat of Napoleon's troops.

He was constantly fighting with liberals who wanted to expand the Constitution of 1812.

He murio in 1833.

Isabel II = Daughter of Fernando VII

The country was divided on the issue of having a woman rule.

She goberno through political turmoil from 1833 to 1868.

The "Glorious Revolution" removed her from power.

An Italian Ruler

King Amadeo of Saboya ruled from 1870-1873

After he leaves, in 1873, the first Spanish Republic was announced. Shortly after, in 1874, it ended.

The Borbons Rule Again

Alfonso XII ruled from 1875-1885

Alfonso XIII = Son of Alfonso XII

He was unable to stop the political tension of Spain.

He gave up the throne to a military general from 1923-1931. The general established a dictatorship which did not solve any of Spain's problems.

Democracy is Established

Elections of 1931 determined if Spain should continue being a monarchy or switch to a democracy.

The Second Republic of Spain was created.

They set up a new, progressive constitution. It gave women the right to vote, allowed divorce, separated the Church from the State, and created public schools.

It also created a deeper political and social divide. Upper class did not want the public to have too much power.

The Spanish Civil War

It began in 1936.

General Francisco Franco set up la revuelta. They were aided by Germany and Italy.

The Republicans got little to no help.

It ends in 1939.

Franco's Nationalist forces won. He became the dictator.

Francisco Franco 1939-1975

Idealized Spain's "Glory Years" under Carlos V and Felipe II

All progression Spain had before was lost.

He exilio artists, intellectuals, and even scientists.

A Basque terrorist group asesino Franco's chosen successor. Franco chose the grandson of Alfonso XIII to take over, Juan Carlos I of Borbon.

The Borbons Rule Again

Juan Carlos I = Grandson of Alfonso XIII

He declaro democracy in Spain. Adolfo Suarez was named the first Prime Minister.

Suarez began the period known as, "The Transition."

Democracy in Spain Today

1978 - Suarez was elected in the first elecciones since 1936.

1980's - Felipe Gonzalez lead Spain out of isolation.

Spain joined NATO and the EU.

Jose Maria Aznar

He increased Spain's influence by strengthening the economy and forming a strong alliance with the United States of America.

On March 11, 2004, Islamic fundamentalist terrorists bombardearon Spanish commuter trains. It killed and injured many.

Jose Luis Rodrigue Zapatero

Two days after the attack, Jose was named Prime Minister.

He retiro Spanish troops from the US war with Iraq.

Spain junto several other European nations in legalizing same-sex marriages.

He was re-elected in 2008.

The Royal Family

Spain "es" a parliamentary monarchy. It "tiene" a royal family. Government decisions are made by Parliament and the President of the Government.


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