Join me on a tour to 'Textile India' March 15th - 29th

I've been to India many times over the past few years and each time I leave I come home with a feeling of exhilaration, anticipation and a myriad of creative ideas.

Last year I asked my Husband to come with me. He was most reluctant but, but he came and new he's an absolute convert. He's not an artist, or even a textile fanatic like I am, but he just loved it.

This tour will immerse you into Indian culture, and in particular textiles. I'm also a photographer, so if you wish I will give you guidance with your photographs.

The photo opportunities are amazing and to be honest, I think that India is the only place where people ask me to take photos of them!!

Our Guide is one of the top guides in India and is also a Textile expert, he has a wealth of knowledge about the textiles and will lead us through the alleyways of embroidery, quilting, fabric design, printing, dyeing and the history of Textiles.

I saw fabric used as fence, a covering for houses and everyone wears the most beautiful clothing, even if they are sweeping the floor cementing bricks, storing carrots or flowers or working in the fields. We were driving on a road one day and came across a young woman in a bright red Sari repairing the pot holes. She stood up as we passed and I was stunned by her beauty, her serenity and she just smiled at us. I missed that photo, but it still remains in my mind as clearly as if I had taken the image.

Flowers on a motorbike, but I also love the fabric.
A wonderful man at a Sikh Temple

Daily Life is full of color, you can't help but smile.

You meet the most interesting people.
You will take a class in block printing.

The technique of stamping a pattern on cloth with engraved wooden blocks using pigments, dyes, resists and mordants to achieve a coloured design. The technique began (c. 2000-1300 BCE). and is still used today. We will introduce you to young artists taking the technique to new fashion heights.

We will go into the field to see how these fabrics are produced.

Each piece is 14 yards long, imagine how heavy it is. The dye is washed out, beaten and then this man loads it on his bike and takes it into the field where he lays it on the ground to dry.

Rinsing the fabric.

It's so labor intensive and we really have no idea how its made until we experience it.

women carrying the wet fabric to the fields.

So the upshot is, I want garments made from this fabric. We will have the opportunity to buy fabric at around $1.50 a yard and have it made into garments for about $15.00 to take home. I've been designing and creating clothes from this beautiful cotton for years now and when I wear it I remember the work that went into making it.

Laid out in the sun to dry.
beautiful silk drying in the sun.
Rinsing the fabric,

You will learn to do rustic Kantha Quilting and a few other styles like mirror work that will enhance your Textile Art.

Buy beautiful pieces to decorate you house or make garments from. My house is decorated with Kantha. They are so tactile.

And you will have the opportunity to buy beautiful embroideries and art pieces. My house is decorated with them.


Of course there will be photography expeditions, market shopping, amazing food to eat. Interesting people to share ideas with.

We enjoy the most amazing food, this was at a private farm, a friend of our guide.

Sight seeing.

Taj mahal at sunset.


Stunning designs.
Stunning design.
The blue room

And our accomodation is always top rate

One of the amazing dining rooms we entertained in.
emotional moments
Interesting characters.
from photo
To Quilt
Pam Holland

Join us for the experience of a life time.

Created By
Pam Holland


Photos by Pam Holland